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Any product added, edited or deleted are automatically synchronised on Lengow. If needed, you can manually update your entire catalogue from the "Catalogues" tab on Lengow.

Products to be imported in Lengow cannot be filtered. Lengow calls the product API in Shopify and retrieve all products without distinction. Even deactivated product in Shopify will be retrieved in Lengow.


Shopify ID

The app allows the synchronisation of orders only with the Sopify ID. If you are using a Mirakl marketplace, you must fill in the “sku_offer” with the Shopfiy ID catalogue attribute.

Images & variations

In the case where products are declined by colours, Shopify will associate all images with each product. This then induces these products into error.

To get around this issue, it is mandatory to create an additional source to associate the images with the right variations. 

  • This additional source must be in the classic format with either the product ID, the SKU or the EAN code as key reference and the images in the right colour for each product.
  • Each cell must contain the url of one image
  • The url must be public

The Lengow indexer automatically creates Shopify ID for your entire catalogue to collect your products and get your orders via the App.

This ID is blocked by Lengow (Matching Lengow) and to avoid any problem while importing orders and retrieving products, it must be used when setting attribute "ID" type for ALL the channels you have chosen (see image 2).   

This ID takes the following format: IDproduit_Idvariant (Ex: 12345678901_99876543212) or IDproduit (if invariant)



Shopify Metafields

Through its connection to Shopify, Lengow retrieves all products and fields from Shopify's Product API. If you're using Shopify's Metafields, they are not automatically retrieved in Lengow as they are not present in this API.

A Dedicated App in Shopify store is dedicated to the export of Metafields data.
Metafields Editor Metafields Editor - Bulk edit Metafields, import/export, Backup. OS 2.0 Compatible | Shopify App Store
This App can provide you with a CSV file that you can use as an additional source to your Lengow catalogue. Simply make sure that the product ID’s are correctly reported so Lengow can add the metafields data to your products.

Shopify Inventory

Shopify has different APIs to export inventory data. Currently, Lengow is not working with these APIs. Lengow only import the inventory data from the Product API ("inventory_quantity").


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