Akeneo - Set up your catalogue

Follow the usual catalogue first import workflow:

If some of your products are mapped to several categories in Akeneo, this will create several "Category" fields in your Lengow catalogue.

If you don't have a price field in Akeneo, match any other field at this step - but remember to change the matching once you import prices from another source.

The URLs of your products' images must be public. If the data retrieved via Akeneo are not usable, you can transform them by adding the TwicPics app to your Akeneo.

The retrieved dimensions are transformed into the SI (International System of Units) units of measurement. For example, millimeters are converted into meters in Lengow.

The management of declination is currently not doable.

Import frequency

In the "Catalogues" tab, you may go to the sub-tab "Settings", then "Update frequency & alerts", and set the alerts you need or define a custom update frequency.

akeneo frequency.png

You have just imported your Akeneo product data into your Lengow catalogue!

How to use it?

Once your Akeneo catalogue is imported, it can be used just like any other type of catalogue imported into Lengow.




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