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At least two images are required : packshot images (a least one mandatory) and model images.

- Packshot images: 

  • Photo format: .jpg
  • Background colour: white only
  • Min dimensions: 1000 x 1334 px
  • Min resolution: 72 dpi (suggested 96 dpi)

Note : A light grey can be also used for packshot images (but the first packshot image must always have a white background). Other background colors can be accepted subject to Yoox approval.

- Model images:

  • Photo format: .jpg
  • Background colour: White or light grey*
  • Min dimensions: - white background: 1000 x 1334 px, -light grey/other background: 1571 x 2000 px
  • Min resolution: 72 dpi (suggested 96 dpi)


The product title visible by clients on the Yoox website is the one entered in the "Model Title" field. As this is a model name, it cannot contain any mention of size or color.

As for the "Product Title" field, it should indicate the product name following this framework: Brand, Brand Model and Micro Category. Example: "Nike Air Max Sneakers"


Yoox requests the size of all products to be provided. It is mandatory to fill in information for one size class, even for categories which do not have sizes. In such a case (for hi-tech products, for example), select the value "...".
There are different size classes based on gender (e.g. Woman size class for woman shoes) and on sizing system (e.g. US Woman for Nike Woman shoes): it is required to select one size class only.


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