Yoox (Mirakl) - Attributes - Multi-country settings

The countries where you wish to publish your products must be activated by Yoox. Contact your Yoox account manager and indicate the countries you need, so that the corresponding channels can be activated in Mirakl.

In Lengow, the offers attributes to fill in depend on the country of publication:

  • If you're publishing your products in one country/region (and you have one active channel in your Mirakl back-office), use these attributes:  
    • "price",
    • "discount-price", "discount-start-date" and "discount-end-date" for your promotions.
  • If you're publishing in several countries (and you have several active channels in your Mirakl back-office), you have to fill in the offers attributes specific to each activated country, containing "channel=XX".
    Example for the Eastern Europe region (EEU = Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania), fill in these attributes:
    • "price[channel=EEU]",  
    • "discount-price[channel=EEU]", "discount-start-date[channel=EEU]" and "discount-end-date[channel=EEU]" for your promotions.
  • Once the product has been sent, you can no longer change the size, color, brand and variant group code. If you want to change these fields, please contact the marketplace.
English is the language to use for all publication countries.

Note: If you're publishing in several countries but you don't have your product descriptions in all languages, Yoox recommends matching your "Brand" field in these "Item Description" attributes (FR, ES, etc.).
Only one products catalogue can be the source of a channel. If your product information for different countries is split among several catalogues, you can:
  • use other catalogues as additional sources to the main catalogue.
  • create a global catalogue containing your data for all countries, for example through a reprocessing (chargeable if done by Lengow).

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