💡 Darty - Why does my product listing only display the main image?

Your image links are functioning correctly, and you've matched other image attributes in Lengow. However, only the main image is appearing in your Darty listing.

There are two sets of image attributes for Darty :

- Images for products:

  • "Visuel Secondaire 1"
  • "Visuel Secondaire 2"
  • "Visuel Secondaire 3"
  • "Visuel Secondaire 4"

- Images for offers:

  • "picture_1"
  • "picture_2"
  • "picture_3"
  • "picture_4"

To display multiple images on your product listing, please use the first set of attributes ("Visuel Secondaire 1", "Visuel Secondaire 2", "Visuel Secondaire 3", "Visuel Secondaire 4").


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