💡 How to send to a channel my most profitable products ?

Your products have been online for some time now. They've generated a sufficient volume of statistics? 

You use a third party source to manage your results and want to use these data to promote your most profitable products on one or more channels?

Isolate these products with Segment and use this sub-catalogue as a source catalogue for your  channel.

The list of products will be updated automatically according to your products results.

How to do it?

Create a Segment

Create a Segment on the Catalogue you want to link the channel with.

In this Segment target the most profitable products based on:

  • Statistical data collected by Lengow
  • Statistical data collected by a third party source (Google Analytics for example)
Data collected by Lengow Data collected by a third party service
Create a Segment using Performance Criteria.


Link this sub catalogue to the channel of your choice

When adding a channel in your account, select in the dropdown menu from the channel of your choice the Segment you want to launch.

This dropdown menu is only displayed for catalogue for which you have created a Segment. 

Keep in mind that if the same restriction applies to multiple channels, you'll use the same Segment for each of them.

Set up the channel

Follow usual set up steps.


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