💡 How can I improve my performance ?

Analyzing its performance is essential and requires the implementation of indicators to act quickly and improve its performance according to defined objectives. Lengow helps you set up some of these indicators.  


(Lengow tracking is not available for new accounts created from January 2023)

What is it? The conversion tracking period specifies the period during which you attribute a sale to a distribution channel. If a click has been tracked by Lengow and this results in a direct sale on your site during the period covered by the conversion tracking period, the sale will be linked to the click, and therefore also with the associated distribution channel, within Lengow's statistical features.

The conversion period is defined in the settings of the Channel Feed under Settings>Edit>tracking>Conversion Period.

Once the period is defined, when a user clicks on one of your products from a channel tracked by Lengow, Lengow then places a cookie on his computer.

For example, if you specify a thirty-day period, a buyer who clicks on a tracked link and who makes a purchase on your site 20 days later will automatically cause a sale to be attributed to the comparison site where the user clicked 20 days earlier. After the expiry of this thirty-day period, Lengow will no longer account for the sale in its statistics, and will instead treat it as a "direct" sale.


Actions you can do with Lengow

  • Stop sending your unprofitable products

To do this, use the Rule or Exclusion tools to define when certain products should no longer be released. For both tools, performance criteria are available at the "condition" level.

Example (image 1) : Don't send products WHEN the number of clicks on the last 7 days is greater than 100 AND the number of sales on the last 7 days is equal to 0. 

  • Optimize your ads on channel's site

Your ad must be as attractive as possible to get the interest of one lead and get him to click on it. Stand out by maximizing this ad with a good quality image, an attractive title and even putting forward a special offer. Indicate the maximum information as your delivery policy, especially if it is free!

Use the Rules or the Attributes Matching directly to build a complete title adding to it the brand and the color of the products for example.  

Actions you can do without Lengow

  • Monitor your competition​

Watch for pricing and distribution strategies applied by your competitors on the channels where you are present and get back to Lengow to change your settings.

  • Optimize your landing pages

Having traffic on your site does not mean your conversion rate will be important. The landing page is a key element to turn prospects into customers. Feel free to test the performance of your landing page by going through A / B testing.


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