Connect your Lengow account to a CMS plugin/application

You must have a Lengow account to use our plugin/application. When you use our plugin/application for the first time, you have to:

  • enter your credentials in Lengow if you already have an account.
  • subscribe to Lengow by clicking on "Register for free". Then follow the steps to open an account.

Your Lengow account and your shop(s) will be synchronised.

To add your product catalogue to your Lengow account, follow the steps to add a product catalogue by selecting your synchronised plugin/application as the import method, then the store you want to export.

Please note:

  • This action will be required for each store you wish to export to Lengow.
  • If you have already imported your product catalogue(s) into Lengow or if you already have a Lengow account make the correspondence between your already-imported product catalogue(s) and your store(s). Follow the next steps:



​1/ Click on "Synchronize my account" :


2/ Then choose either to link your existing CMS capture-decran-2018-08-03-a-174525.png (if you have already connected it to Lengow) or to create a new connexion for your CMS (if it has not been connected yet) capture-decran-2018-01-12-a-110318.png


3/ If you choose "Link an existing CMS" (capture-decran-2018-08-03-a-174525.png above) :

  • Select the CMS you want to connect capture-decran-2018-01-12-a-111728.png
  • If you have already imported your catalog(s) in Lengow, select it or them capture-decran-2018-01-12-a-111743.png
  • Then click on "Synchronize"capture-decran-2018-01-12-a-111752.png


  • If you have never imported your catalog in Lengow: Click on "Synchronize" capture-decran-2018-01-12-a-111752.png


Synchronization takes place between our Lengow platform and your shop (s).

Congratulations! You now have access to our Lengow plugin/application.

Go back to the module/application article to follow next steps.

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