Lengow Plugin: Advice and limitations

Before any install or update of the Lengow Plugin in your back office, make sure you:

  • Test the plugin on a pre-production environment if possible
  • Install/update the plugin only at a suitable time for your company (avoid rush of sales for example ...).
  • If you have made changes on your current version of the Lengow plugin (overrides), make sure you have a back-up of these changes before updating the plugin.

Note for Magento: Use preferably the installation through “Magento Connect”to update properly your plugin.

Please note that:

  Only "ship" and "cancel" actions are possible with the Lengow plugin.
It's NOT possible to send a "refund" action even if the marketplace allows it. You should do this action directly from Lengow or using our API. 

  Actions sent on an order through the Lengow plugin are valid for the entire order. 
It's NOT possible to send an action on a specific product if the order contains more than one product (no action per line possible, use the Lengow API to do so). 

  The Lengow plugin doesn't manage the tracking link.
For some channels, the "tracking_url" link may be mandatory to ship an order. You may generate this link from the Lengow order dashboard. 

  Return information is not managed by the Lengow plugin.
When sending a "ship" action, the return tracking number and the return carrier cannot be provided via the Lengow plugin.  

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