Contact Spartoo ( to know if you are eligible to sell your products on their website.

To distribute your products on Spartoo, check that your products catalogue contains the data normally required.

Note: you don't have these values in your products catalogue? Contact the Lengow Support Team to find an alternative.

EAN Matching

No EAN Matching

Spartoo doesn't allow EAN Matching, meaning that it's not possible from Lengow to link your offers to product pages already existing on this channel.


If you want to sell your products on different Spartoo countries sites, add Spartoo channels in your Lengow account for countries you target.

Do not deactivate your Master feed while another child feed (Italy, Spain...) is active, otherwise the Master feed become the child feed.

Please note that Spartoo requests a single feed when you sell on multiple countries. To match that need, we gather your Spartoo different feeds into one single feed to send you products information.

The first Spartoo feed you create and activate in Lengow is considered as the "Master feed". 

This feed'll be the one that'll serve as the basis to integrate products on Spartoo. It is important that this country feed match with the reference country on your Contract with Spartoo. If you don't know which is the reference contract, please contact your Spartoo account manager.

Also, it is important to do the whole set up for this "master feed".

For other "countries feeds", only a partial set up is requested. 

If the first activated feed doesn't match with the reference master country feed, please contact us to do the change. Categories Matching on "countries feeds" isn't necessary, since categories from the "master feed" will be the one sent to Spartoo.    

Add a channel catalogue

Add an Spartoo channel catalogue in your Lengow account.

Note: if you wish to sell your products in a country which is not available in Lengow, please contact our Support Team.

Match Categories

Match your categories with Spartoo's through "Categories Matching".

Multi-countries case

Categories Matching on "countries feeds" isn't required, since categories from the "master feed" will be the one sent to Spartoo.

Complete Attributes Matching

Match your products catalogue fields with the fields requested by the channel, based on field definition. If necessary, enter hard values, use functions and/or adapt the values by creating rules. For fields with valid values, select the suggested value or match with your products catalogue values.
If a value is missing in the drop-down menu, please contact your Spartoo account manager and ask for the creation of the concerned value.

Some fields are mandatory and must be completed for your products to be created or updated. Other fields are optional but Spartoo recommends you fill them in to improve your products visibility.

As the first Spartoo feed which is created and activated is considered as the "Master feed" (the one that will be taken into account to integrate products on Spartoo), it is important to realise the whole set up for this feed.

For other "countries feeds", only the following fields are requested:

  • reference_partenaire (mandatory) : enter your product ID. Spartoo may refer to this field as "size_reference".
  • product_name (mandatory)
  • product_description (mandatory)
  • product_price (mandatory)
  • product_color
  • start_date
  • stop_date
  • sales
  • price_discount
  • rate

Other fields'll be ignored, because "Master feed" data will be sent to Spartoo.

The titles ("product_name" attribute) must not contain any information about the category, color or brand of the product. It must also not contain any characters or html tags.    

1. Set up your special offers / sales

To set up special offers and sales, fill in the following fields including on your parent's lines if you have any.

  • product_price: strike-through price of your product (original price before discount). If your product is not discounted, this field must be filled in with your usual selling price.
  • start_date: date and time on which the offer begins (Paris time). ISO format required (YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS). Lengow automatically transforms the value into the "time stamp" format expected by Spartoo.
  • stop_date: date and time on which your special offer ends. Format is identical to the "start_date".

If you do not specify a start and end date in the optimized feed sent to Spartoo, but you do send a discounted price or a percentage off, the promotion or sale starts immediately.

  • sales: sales indicator to distinguish special offers from sales.
    • select "FALSE" for a special offer. 
    • select "TRUE" for the legal sales.
  • price_discount: final price after discount. Not mandatory if the "rate" field is populated (Spartoo automatically calculates the discounted price)..


  • rate: discount rate. Spartoo expects a positive integer without the % symbol (e.g. 20). Not mandatory if the "price_discount" field is populated.

Black Friday operation

Follow the promotion settings (see above) and make sure to offer a minimum of 30% discount.


Settings are similar to special offers, except for the "sales" attribute which has to be populated with "TRUE".

Sales begin at 8:00 am on the first day, but Spartoo recommends setting a start_date at 5:00 am minimum.

Spartoo wishes to receive your offers Sales before the Sales period starts. To know the exact date please contact your Spartoo account manager.
If you are an international seller, you must send your Sales offers earlier. Please refer to your Spartoo account manager.

Find the "Sales on Spartoo" documentation online in your seller account.

2. Delivery method and costs

The configuration of shipping costs and delivery methods has to be done in your Spartoo backoffice directly.

Contact your Spartoo account manager if you need further information about this.

3. Variation values

Spartoo accepts size product variations.

To manage your variations, fill in the following fields:

  • size_name: product size. ;This data is mandatory if the product is available in different sizes.
  • parent_id: parent identifier (a common identifier for all the variations of a product). This field must be empty if your product does not have variations. Spartoo may refer to this field as "reference_partenaire".
  • color_id: product colour. This data is recommended for all products as it is used for for the color search filter. If this data is not specified, your product will not show up when a customer uses a color filter.

Note 1: Spartoo only handles size variations but can recognize the different colors available a product when the title (attribute "product_name") is identical for several products. In this case, Spartoo indicates the other colors available at the bottom of each product sheet.

Note 2: If you apply variations on size AND color for the same product, you need to create a parent ID for each colors.

Example: In a catalog, a ski jacket has one parent ID "id 1111" for several sizes and colors.

Product ID 1111_1 = Jacket color Black and size M
Product ID 1111_2 = Blue color jacket and size M
Product ID 1111_3 = Jacket color Black and size L
Product ID 1111_4 = Blue color jacket and size L

A condition must be applied on attribute "parent_id" to add the color as below:


Which gives $PARENT_ID_$COLOR (to be adapted with your own data)

The 1111_1 product (the Jacket color Black and size M) now has the parent_id 1111_BLACK and can have a size variation only on Spartoo.

What to do with parent products?

For Spartoo, the value sent in the "parent_id" field for child products must be the same as the product ID of the parent product that is attached to them.

Your products catalogue may not exactly matched with Spartoo's expectations. Depending on the case, Lengow will apply a workaround to make the publication possible with the values available in your catalogue. Identify the configuration that corresponds to your products catalogue below and follow the instructions associated with it:

  • A.1 case The parent product unique ID is identical to the parent ID of the child products attached to it. The parent product does not have a Parent ID.
    Send the parent line in the optimized feed and leave the "parent_id" field empty for the product line. Spartoo will be able to link your parent product to the child products.

  • A.2 case / The parent product unique ID is identical to the parent ID of the child products attached to it. For the parent product, the unique ID is identical to the parent ID.
    B case / The "Parent ID" field of the parent product and the child products attached to it are identical. For the parent products, the unique identifier is not identical to the Parent ID.

    For these two cases: Send the parent line in the optimized feed and send the value of the parent ID in the "parent_id" field for the parent and child lines. The first line containing the parent id will then be considered as the parent record for the variations associated with it.

  • C case/ There is no parent line in your catalogue. The child products corresponding to the variations of the same product all have an identical parent id.
    Send the value of the parent ID in the "parent_id" field for all these products.
    Lengow will consider that the first child found in the product catalog is the parent product and Spartoo will publish them as such.

  • D case / Your products are declined in your products catalogue, but no value allows you to group them together to inform Spartoo that they belong to the same variation.
    Exclude the parent lines that are present in your catalogue. Child lines will be published as simple products on the marketplaces.


Manage your Exclusions

Refer to the previous step to find out if you need to exclude parent products based on your product catalog's composition.

Other exclusions can be made, follow the usual instructions for exclusions

Preview your data

Check the data you are about to send to the channel at the "Preview" step.

Configure your Options

Configure options before sending your products catalogue to Spartoo.

Regarding the identifier you have to fill in:

  • Partner id: enter here the partner id that Spartoo gave you.

Launch the channel catalogue

  • Before sending your optimised catalogue to Spartoo, check that your Spartoo online store has been created and opened

Note: Contact your Spartoo account manager if you have questions about this.

Large catalogue

If you send more than 5000 references to Spartoo, contact your Spartoo account manager to adapt the sending and receiving of your feed (your account will be switched from "overwriting" to "update" mode).

Two distinct feeds are sent to Spartoo through API:

  • Product Feed: enables the integration and creation of products. It is sent to Spartoo once a day.
  • Offers Feed: enables the update of stocks. It is sent to Spartoo every hour.

Read Integration Reports

Read product and offer Integration Reports to check that your products are properly configured, either at product creation level (product feed) or updates (offer feed). These reports list only items which were rejected by Spartoo. For each product in error, Spartoo specifies the reason for the rejection.

Product and offer integration reports are available and downloadable from Lengow: "Channel" tab > select "Spartoo" > click on "Activity".

Edit a product file

Contact your Spartoo account manager to edit this data.

Data is automatically updated as soon as the offer feed is sent out.

Unpublish/Delete an offer

To unpublish a product on a channel, you can:

  • Delete the product directly from your product catalog. When catalogue is imported, the product won't be found, thus won't be sent to the channel who will delete it.

Warning! This does not work for all channels.

  • Exclude the product (exclusion procedure here).

Manage your Spartoo orders

You can manage your orders in the Lengow platform.

1. Order retrieval

Lengow retrieves orders placed on Spartoo website every hour.

2. Order processing

Orders go through various statuses in Lengow while being processed:

  • Waiting_acceptance. Here is what you can do at this stage:
    • Accept the order.
    • Refuse the order.
  • Waiting_shipment. The order has been accepted and is awaiting for shipment. Here is what you can do at this stage:
    • Confirm order shipment. Specify the tracking number to ship the order.
    • Refuse the order.
  • Shipped. The order has been sent and the shipment is in progress.
  • Cancelled. the order has been cancelled. Cancelling the order automatically initiates the refund. At this stage, you cannot carry out any action.

3. Order document

The Spartoo delivery form is available in the Lengow platform, on the order details page, as shown in the screenshot below (click to enlarge):


Contact Spartoo

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