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Contact La Redoute to know if you are eligible to sell your products on their website.

To distribute your products on La Redoute, check that your products catalogue contains the data normally required by Lengow.

Add a channel catalogue

Add a La Redoute channel catalogue in your Lengow account.

We recommend defining a Segment within your product catalogue to only configure and send the products you want to publish on this channel.

Note: If you want to sell your products on La Brand Boutique, a space dedicated to Premium brands, add the "La Redoute" channel to your Lengow account. Once this channel is added, you can rename it "La Brand Boutique" in your Lengow account.

To send your products on both La Redoute and La Boutique Boutique, it is necessary to have two La Redoute channels created in your Lengow account:

  • one for La Redoute
  • one for La Brand Boutique.

Get in touch with your La Redoute account manager if you have any questions about this channel.

EAN Matching

La Redoute allows EAN Matching provided that the sellers are authorized for the categories and brands they asked for (contact La Redoute to make sure you are athorized).

If EAN matching is possible, then simply send an offer feed to La Redoute. 

Make sure the following attributes arefully completed in Lengow:

  • ProductIdentifier : EAN code
  • PartnerProductReference : Product ID
  • PartnerProductParent : parent identifier (if your products are declined)
  • StockQuantity
  • SellingPriceAmount
  • SellingPriceVATRate
  • ShipmentDelay
  • DeliveryFee
  • DeliveryDaysRangeMin
  • DeliveryDaysRangeMax
  • The "Relay" fields if you activate this mode 
  • And finally, the promotions attributes, if you wish to display them:
  • PrixBarre
  • OfferPeriodStartDate
  • OfferPeriodEndDate

Articles that do not match any products in La Redoute data base will appear in the error report with the message "PRODUCT NOT FOUND".

Match Categories

Match your categories with La Redoute's using "Categories Matching".


Complete Attributes Matching 

Match your products catalogue fields with the fields requested by the channel, based on fields definitions. If necessary, enter hard values, use functions and/or adapt the values by creating rules. For fields with valid values, select the suggested value or match with your products catalogue values.


If a value is missing in the drop-down menu, please contact your La Redoute account manager and ask for the creation of the concerned value.

Some fields are mandatory and must be completed for your products to be created or updated. Other fields are optional but La Redoute recommends you fill them in to improve your products visibility.

Special features for La Redoute:

1. Set up your special offers, sales and Black Friday

1.1 Special offers

To set up special offers, fill in the following fields:

  • PrixBarre: strikethrough price of your product (original price).
  • SellingPriceAmount: discounted price of your product.
  • OfferPeriodStartDate (optional): the date on which your promotion begins. Format: AAAA-MM-JJTHH:mm:ss (example: 2022-01-01T00:01:00).
  • OfferPeriodEndDate (optional): the date on which your promotion ends. Format: AAAA-MM-JJTHH:mm:ss (example: 2022-01-31T00:01:00).

Note: Crossed out price is automatically calculated based on the previous offer received if you don't fill the "PrixBarre" field in. If you don't want to see a price crossed on your La Redoute product sheets, you have to enter the same price in both "PrixBarre" and "SellingPriceAmount" fields.

Black Friday

To manage your Black Friday offers, complete the special offers attributes.

LaRedoute advice:

  • As a high number of offers is expected for Black Friday send the offer feed with your promotions in advance, maximum 48hrs before the start date.
  • LaRedoute also recommends to set a markdown of at least 20% off, depending on the product categories of course.
  • The marketplace will start communicating on Black Friday mid-November

1.2 Sales

To set up your French Sales follow the link!

2. Set up your deliveries

2.1 Delivery methods

Two delivery methods are available for La Redoute: Home delivery and Relais colis.

  • Home delivery

This delivery method is mandatory. You have to fill in the following attributes:

  • DeliveryFee
  • ShipmentDelay
  • DeliveryDaysRangeMin
  • DeliveryDaysRangeMax
  • Relais colis

If you want to offer this delivery method, fill in these attributes:

  • DeliveryRelay (sélectionnez the value "1" to activate this delivery method)
  • RelayFee
  • RelayDelay
  • RelayDaysRangeMin
  • RelayDaysRangeMax

2.2 Delivery time

Delivery time is calculated from the following attributes:

  • ShipmentDelay / RelayDelay
  • DeliveryDaysRangeMin / RelayDaysRangeMin
  • DeliveryDaysRangeMax / RelayDaysRangeMax

The delivery time displayed on La Redoute is calculated as follow: Delay + DaysRangeMax (e.g "ShipmentDelay" + "DeliveryDaysRangeMax").

2.3 Delivery fees

Specify the delivery fees in the "DeliveryFee" / "RelayFee" attribute(s).

3. Variation values

La Redoute accepts size and/or colour product variations.

To manage your variations, fill in the following attributes:

  • ProductIdentifier: EAN code of the product. This attribute must be empty if your product is a parent.
  • PartnerProductReference: unique identifier of the product. This data is mandatory for all products.
  • PartnerProductParent: parent identifier (a common identifier for all the variations of a product). This field must be empty if your product does not have variations.
  • colour ("Grille de Coloris générique"): product colour. This data is mandatory if the product is available in different colours and highy recommended in other general cases. (A conversion rule may be necessary to match your colours to Laredoute's values)
  • size (e.g "T_enfant Mixte", "T_pointure"): product size. This data is mandatory if the product is available in different sizes and highy recommended in other general cases. (A conversion rule may be necessary to match your sizes to Laredoute's values)


Product parents have to be filled in with a description and  images. That'll be these data that'll be used by La Redoute for variation products.

EAN field should be empty for Product parents and title can't include the brand.

4. Images - MediaUrls

4.1 MediaUrls attribute

In the matching attributes step, the MediaUrls attribute is the one to use to send your images to La Redoute.

  • Note that in case of variation, the "parent" product must contain only one image.
  • The "child" type of products, your variations, can each have several images. One per type of variation (example: one image per color).

If you have variations in your catalogue we recommend you to add automatic rules in order to define the value MediaUrls. 

Here are two examples:

* Example 1 *

  • Define the value MediaUrls with $IMAGE1
  • WHEN my products type is "parent"  

In this example I assigned one image only to "parent" products type.
* Example 2 *

  • Define the value MediaUrls with $IMAGE1|$IMAGE2|$IMAGE3
  • WHEN my products type is not "parent"

In this example I assigned several images to "child" and "simple" products type. 

Lengow Tip

Make sure 100% of your products are impacted by these rules so you do not send empty values to the marketplace.

Reparability Index Image

For certain categories of products, the French law requests the reparability index of products to be displayed. In addition to indicating this index in the "Indice de réparabilité" field, make sure you also add the supporting diagram as an image in the "ReparabilityIndexImage" field. 

4.2 Image Domain

When you sign up at LaRedoute, the marketplace asks for an image domain. If La Redoute haven't asked you, we invite you to provide them this information. What is an image domain? Here is an example:

  • Website URL:
  • Example of an image url:
  • Image domain:

Image download requirements

  • To be able to send your product catalogue to La Redoute, we need to create a signature on your pictures. You must authorize our servers to download your pictures.
  • To secure your images upload, your SSL certificate must be greater or equal to 2048 bits. For more information on best practices for certificate use, visit

5. Title particularity

The values sent in the "ProductLabel" field (title) must meet certain criteria:

  • Make sure each word in the title begins with a capital letter. If this is not the case in your catalog, you can set up an automatic rule using the UPPERWORD function: UPPERWORD($myfield_title)
  • Avoid adding the composition or material of your products in the title. It is a mandatory data but to add in the description of your product.
Ex: Replace the title "TUNIC 95% COTTON 5% ELASTANE COLLECTION" by "Tunic" and add the rest of info in the description.

Manage your Exclusions

Follow the usual instructions for exclusions.

Parent products have to be sent (if your catalogue includes some).

Keep in mind to exclude, from your feed, products which don't match with products expected by LaRedoute.

Preview your data

Check the data you are about to send to the channel with the "Preview".

Configure your Options

Configure options before sending your products catalogue to La Redoute.

Here is an explanation on the identifier you need to enter:

  • Seller Id: this is your LaRedoute identifier (= Caller ID). This data is provided by La Redoute.


If you send your products on both La Redoute and La Brand Boutique, please fill in the correct Caller ID so that your product catalog is sent to the correct site.

Launch the channel catalogue

  • To launch the first feed to La Redoute, click on Launch.

Then, your optimized catalog will be automatically transmitted to the marketplace by API:

  • Product Feed: enables the integration and creation of products.

It is sent to La Redoute once a day around midnight.If your products are free from errors, they will be created on La Redoute and will appear online within 48 hours, after the offer feed has been sent.

  • Offer Feed: enables the update of prices, stock, etc.

It is sent to La Redoute every 4 hours.

Consult Integration Reports

Consult product and offer Integration Reports to check that your products are properly configured, either at product creation level (product feed) or product updates (offer feed).

These reports list only items which have been rejected by La Redoute. For each product in error, La Redoute specifies the reason for the rejection.

Product and offer integration reports are available and downloadable on Lengow: "Channel" tab > select "La Redoute" > click on "Activity".

Main Errors

It should be a parent product
Error MessageIt should be a parent product, but PartnerProductReference is not equal to PartnerProductParent
This error means that when integrating the feed, essential information to a variant attribute was missing. La Redoute has therefore identified it as a "parent" product but can not integrate it because the value of the PartnerProductReference attribute is not identical to that of the PartnerProductParent.
  • If the product is a variant product (child product): check that the EAN code is filled in and unique.
  • If the product is a "parent" product : Make sure the values in attributes "PartnerProductReference" and "PartnerProductParent" are identical.
Parent with PartnerProductReference: [ID] has no valid child
Error MessageParent with PartnerProductReference: [ID] has no valid child
This error means that the PartnerProductParent attribute has been completed but no "child" product has a similar value on the same attribute. This is a problem for integrating a variation.
  • If the product is a "parent" product: In this case, make sure that your variant products are linked to this parent product. The attribute PartnerProductParent must be completed for child products with the same value as the one entered for the product type "parent".
  • If the product is a "simple" product: In that case, make sure to empty the "PartnerProductParent" attribute
Child [EAN ID] has no valid parent
Error MessageChild [EAN ID] has no valid parent
This error means that the product [EAN ID] could not be integrated due to lack of attachment to a parent product. It is therefore necessary to check the attribute PartnerProductParent.
  • If the attribute is well completed : Check that the parent product is also set and not excluded from the feed or in error in the report.
NomenclatureNode is required
Error MessageNomenclatureNode is required
This error means that the product in error has not been categorized at the Matching Categories step, or that the category has not been correctly saved.
  • Check the product settings and re-apply the corresponding Redout category.
  • Check the Product Overview and resend the feed to La Redoute for correction.
XXXXX is required
Error Messagebrand is required / description is required / ProductLabelLanguageCode is required etc...
This error concerns a mandatory attribute that has not been completed at the Matching Attributes step.
  • Check the matching Attributes and complete it directly or by using a rule if necessary.
  • Check the Product Overview and resend the feed to La Redoute for correction.
This error follows the sending of the feed Offers and means that the product concerned was not found on the platform La Redoute. The channel was therefore unable to update the information of quantity and / or price received.
La Redoute can return this message if the product is already in error on their side preventing its creation on their platform.
  • Chech the integration reports and correct the errors on the product
  • Make sure the product has a positive quantity to avoid receiving this error again.
  • Check the Product Overview and resend the feed to La Redoute for correction.

Edit a product file

Data is automatically updated as soon as the product feed is sent out.

Data is automatically updated as soon as the offer feed is sent out.

Unpublish an offer

To unpublish an offer (or an entire product) from La Redoute, make sure that the product is not in error in the reports and send a quantity "0" on all the product lines (in case of variation).

Manage your La Redoute orders

You can manage your orders in the Lengow platform.

1. Order retrieval

Lengow retrieves orders placed on La Redoute website every hour.

2. Order processing

Orders go through various statuses in Lengow while being processed :

    • Waiting for acceptance: the order is awaiting acceptance. Here is what you can do at this stage:
      • Accept the order.
      • Refuse the order.
    • Accepted: the order is accepted. No action possible at this stage.
    • Waiting for shipment: the order is awaiting shipment. Here is what you can do at this stage:
      • Confirm the order shipment. You must provide the carrier name, the tracking number and the tracking URL (starting with "http://" or "https://") to confirm the shipment.
      • Cancel the order.
    • Shipped: the order has been shipped. Here is what you can do at this stage:
      • Refund the order. You have to specify the refund reason and indicate if you want to include the delivery fees in the refund.
    • Refunding: the refund is being processed by La Redoute. No action possible at this stage.
    • Cancelled: the order is cancelled. No action possible at this stage.
    • Refunded: the order is refunded. No action possible at this stage.

Refund an order

You can perform your order refund actions directly from Lengow in the order dashboard. 

  • Select the refund action at the end of your product line to refund this product only
Complete the amount to be refunded, choose the reason for the refund and click on "refund the order" to send the request to the marketplace.
  • or click on the global refund action button to refund the whole order.
In this case, neither amount nor quantity should be entered.
Once notified, the marketplace will return the "refunded" status to your order.
You cannot request a partial refund by clicking on the button to refund the entire order. Each product line must be refunded or partially refunded individually.
Do not send again the partial refund (by product line) if you have already sent the action once and this action has already been proceeded on La Redoute side. Otherwise, the order becomes a whole refund order.



Channel's news

Find here the latest changes/communications from the channel and what you have to do in Lengow:

07th March 2023 - Orders API modification
  • To sum up

Lengow's orders API is evolving on March 7th, 2023. Find below the changes for your La Redoute orders:

    • At Order line level, for the field Package > Cart > “amount” : fixed an issue where the eco-tax amount was added to the amount when it was present

    • At Order line level, for the field Package > Cart > “Tax” : this field will be at 0 while before it could include the eco-tax when it was present.

  • What you have to do in Lengow

No action is required in Lengow, but these changes may have an impact if you retrieve orders using our API. 

February 2023 - Freeze of product creation and IP whitelisting
  • To sum up

La Redoute is working on its new platform for product publication. As part of this platform's release, La Redoute will transfer all product data to the new platform starting February 15th.

As a result, product publication and update will be frozen for a maximum duration of 3 weeks. New products and product updates sent during this period will be taken into account after this freeze. No action is necessary in Lengow, and offers will still be updated during this period.

For the existing products to be transferred correctly to the new platform, including the products media (photos, etc.), La Redoute asks that you whitelist the following IP addresses in your servers (if needed):

  • Original message

Cher partenaire,

Nous allons prochainement effectuer la mise en production de notre nouvelle plateforme de publication produits. Nous mettons tout en œuvre pour que cette opération soit la plus transparente possible pour vous.

1. Dans le cadre de cette mise en production, nous allons procéder à une étape de reprise du catalogue produits dans le nouveau système.

Cette étape démarrera le 15 février pour une durée maximale de 3 semaines.
Durant cette période, les nouveaux produits qui seront créés ne pourront pas être publiés avant la fin de la période de reprise de donnée.

Vous pourrez continuer à créer des produits durant cette période. Les nouveaux produits créés seront publiés à l'issue de l'étape de reprise de données sans intervention particulière de votre part.

Ce freeze s'applique également à la modification de produit. Ainsi, dans le cas d'une modification critique, il est préconisé de dépublier le produit via l'envoi d'une offre à stock zéro.

A noter que les flux offres (prix, stocks) ne sont pas impactés : vous pourrez charger des offres sur des produits déjà publiés.

Bien entendu nous mettons tout en œuvre pour réduire au maximum la durée du freeze. Il est donc important que vous anticipiez la création de nouveaux produits avant le 15/02, en vous assurant qu'ils soient bien publiables (tous les attributs obligatoires et média chargés).

2. Afin de garantir que l'ensemble de votre catalogue produits soit maintenu en ligne, il est essentiel que le nouveau système puisse continuer de télécharger les media depuis vos serveurs (photos, vidéos, documents).

Pour cela, merci d'autoriser avant le 6 février prochain les IP suivantes à accéder à vos serveurs media :

Si vos serveurs media n'effectuent pas de contrôles d'IP, aucune action n'est requise de votre part.

En cas de question, merci de vous rapprocher de vos interlocuteurs habituels.

L'équipe Marketplace La Redoute

11/03/2022 - New mandatory attributes for household linen category
  • To sum up

Changes applies on some categories, subcategories and some attributes become mandatory.

  • What you have to do in Lengow

Make sure to update Categories Matching and to fill in mandatory attributes in your La Redoute feed. We advice you to fill in also optionnal attributes. The more you provide details about your products, the better.

  • Original message

Cette nomenclature a déjà été implantée courant novembre :
Certaines sous familles et/ou attributs ont changé de nom
Nous avons crée de nouvelles sous familles (Drap housse par exemple)
Certains attributs vont devenir obligatoire.

Nous avons également créé de nouveaux attributs que je vous conseille très fortement de renseigner, même ceux qui ne sont pas obligatoires.
Nous les utiliserons pour certains dans les pages listes en filtre.

La deadline est fixé au 11 mars.
Avant cette date, pourriez-vous repasser sur votre catalogue afin d’y ajouter l’ensemble des attributs ?

La Redoute is currently undertaking an overhaul of search filters on its platform to facilitate customer traffic on its site and among its different categories.

Scheduled for the end of January 2021: Univers Maison

The (optional) attributes that should be completed in Lengow to enable the channel to trace your products via the new ergonomic filters are as follows: 

  • A0083 (Length) 
  • A0110 (Height) 
  • A0084 (Width / Depth) 

For the following sub-families of products : "Bahut", "Buffet", "Vaisselier", "Bibliothèque", "Vitrine", "Banquette", "Canapé", "Armoire", "Commode"

Expected format of the data: numeric, 1 digit max after the decimal point, coma separating.Ex: 10,8 or 10


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