Contact the marketplace to know if you are eligible to sell your products on their website.

To display your products on eBay, check that your products catalogue contains the data normally required.

Note: you don't have these values in your products catalogue? Contact the Lengow Support Team to find an alternative.

We recommend to regularly read the following eBay documentation:

Add an eBay channel catalogue

Add an eBay channel catalogue in your Lengow account.

Note: if you wish to sell your products in a country which is not available in Lengow, please contact our Support Team.

Connect your Lengow account to your eBay Pro Store

You must authorize Lengow to connect to your eBay Pro Store account before starting setup.

Click on the "Connect to" button - you will be redirected to eBay. Log in to your seller account and click on "I accept" to connect Lengow to eBay.

Once the authentication process is confirmed, you can start setting up eBay.

Keep your Ebay history

Lengow recommends to keep selling history on products when updated.

Keeping your selling history intact is very important. This history will give your listing priority when buyers are searching through eBay. 

  • Activate the option "Out Of Stock" from your eBay Account > site preferences


Lengow uses the InventoryTrackingMethod, so existing products must have been created using the same method to be updated by Lengow - you can confirm this by contacting eBay.

In concrete terms, when a product has 0 stock in Lengow :
> If the option is activated, then Lengow will keep the stock information at 0 and send this information to eBay. The product will then remain available in your eBay back office. *
> If the option is deactivated, as soon as the stock is set to 0 on your feed in Lengow, Lengow will start deleting the product on eBay.

Please note that Lengow cannot guarantee that selling history will be preserved if your products have been created on eBay "MIP" (Merchant Integration Platform). 
Note: An active listing created with the new Inventory model (using the Inventory API or Merchant Integration Platform) cannot be revised using the "ReviseFixedPriceItem", "ReviseItem", or "ReviseInventoryStatus" calls. Instead, you can use the Inventory API or MIP. 

Parts compatibility Listings

Parts compatibility is a way for sellers to list parts that fit a variety of vehicles. It's also a way for buyers to find parts that fit their vehicles.

When you activate this service in Lengow > eBay feed > Settings, the "kTypes" attribute is made available in the structure and must be completed with compatible vehicle code.


EAN Matching

eBay doesn't allow EAN Matching.
It mean that you cannot link and update through Lengow your products with existing eBay ads via their EAN code.
You must complete all attributes requested in Lengow to create new ads on eBay.
Then, updates will automatically be sent for your products ads.

Match Categories

Match your categories with eBay's using "Categories Matching".

There are two Categories Matchings for eBay:

  • Capture_d_e_cran_2018-11-06_a__15.12.52.pngThesaurus 1 (mandatory): to match your categories with eBay's and classify your products.
  • Capture_d_e_cran_2018-11-06_a__15.13.09.pngThesaurus 2 (optional): to match your catalogue categories with categories you created in your eBay seller store.


Complete Attributes Matching

Match your products catalogue fields with the fields requested by the channel, based on fields definitions. If necessary, enter hard values, use functions and/or adapt the values by creating rules.
For fields with valid values, select the suggested value or match with your products catalogue values.

Some fields, such as the brand, are mandatory and must be completed for your products to be created or updated. Other fields are optional but the channel highly recommends you fill them in to improve your products visibility.

The fields SKU and product_ID must be matched with the same product identifier in Lengow to avoid issues with order retrieval. Once set, the SKU cannot be changed.

Maximize your visibility

To improve the visibility of your products in the search results on eBay, it is essential to create detailed product sheets by completing the "Item Specifics". When filling in products attributes in Lengow, make sure to avoid as much as possible values such as "N/A" or similar terms.

According to eBay, this can impact your visibility, since buyers use aspects to search and filter their search results, making it easier for them to find exactly what they’re looking for. Items will only appear in those filtered search results if the matching aspects information has been added to listings.

Complete and accurate aspects can increase the visibility of listings in search results and help buyers find exactly what they are looking for. Providing "N/A" as an aspect in a listing results in reduced buyer visibility.

Please refer to the values listed in attributes fields when available.

For additional information, please check the eBay Seller Centre page.  

1. Set up your special offers/sales

If you manage your promotions through the eBay "Promotion Manager" tool, complete the attribute below in Lengow:

  • "isonpromotion": accepted value TRUE or FALSE.

If only some products are on sale, consider setting a condition on the attribute to not impact the other products with the value TRUE.

Lengow will not overwrite the prices of products that have the mention "TRUE" on the attribute "isonpromotion".

2. Shipping and payment settings

2.1 Setting your business policies in eBay (recommended)

Using eBay's business policies, you may create your own shipping, return and payment policies directly in eBay's backoffice. 

To apply these policies to your products in Lengow, enter the corresponding policy IDs in the following attributes in Lengow:

  • fulfillment_policy (for shipping settings)
  • return_policy
  • payment_policy

Where to find your policy ID?

  • The policy ID is visible in the policy page's URL in your eBay backoffice (see screenshot: the ID is the number in the red box).


2.2 or: Using the shipping fields in Lengow (not recommended)

The below shipping attributes will be discontinued by eBay in the future, as the use of business policies is recommended.

You may fill in up to 9 delivery methods for eBay in Lengow:

  • 4 domestic delivery methods
  • 5 international delivery methods

To set up domestic shipping, please fill in the following fields:

You can offer free shipping for the first delivery cost only ("ShippingServiceCost1" attribute). Your product will be refused if you offer a second free shipping.

To set up international shipping, fill in the following fields:

  • DispatchTimeMax
  • InternationalShipToLocation
  • InternationalShippingService (refer to eBay's list of Shipping Service Codes)
  • InternationalShippingServiceCost
  • InternationalShippingServiceAdditionalCost

Need to exclude a region or country from the location you selected in Lengow? You can do so in your eBay backoffice. 

2.3 PaymentMethod field (not recommended)

As described in paragraph 2.1, the use of eBay's business policies is recommended to manage your payment methods directly in eBay's backoffice. 

However, if you don't manage your payment method in your eBay backoffice, filling in the "PaymentMethod" attribute is mandatory.

Please note that if the payment method is set in your eBay backoffice and if you've also completed the "PaymentMethod" field in Lengow, eBay won't take the value sent through Lengow into account.

Online Click & Collect service (eBay DE and eBay UK only)

First make sure you have "created" your store in your eBay back-office, as the marketplace needs to know the geolocation, its opening hours, etc.

  • The creation and management of this store can be done via a dedicated Lengow App. This App will let you complete all the store information requested by eBay.

Then follow these steps:

  • Add the "Click & Collect" online service from your eBay feed into Lengow and complete with:
    • Location feed ID : it's the ID generated by the Lengow APP. If you don't use our APP, leave the field empty.


This service, once activated, will unlock attributes dedicated to the Click & Collect option which will be entered from the Matching Attributes.

  • Complete the attributes visible on the block dedicated to the Click & Collect service. Make sure that the stocks filled and the store ID are those of your stores registered on the marketplace.

Lengow tip: Add a condition on your attributes if the service does not concern the whole catalog.

Further information:

Store stocks are sent to the marketplace every hour, along with data from the Offers feed.

Orders placed with the online click & collect service are only available via the Lengow API, they cannot be imported through our plugin.

Indeed these orders have statuses and actions dedicated to click & collect which make them incompatible with our plugin at the moment. As the statuses of these orders are particular we advise you to consult our API documentation on this subject.

3. Variation values

eBay accepts variation settings in several categories. 

Set up example of a product variation (click to enlarge):



To manage your variations, fill in the following attributes:

  • parent_id: parent identifier (a common identifier for all the variations of a product). This field must be empty if your product does not have variations.
  • Declinaison_name and Declinaison_value: 
    Besides the "mandatory" attributes (Attr_XXX) located in your categories, use these attributes to send your variations to eBay and create a drop-down menu on the product listing:
    • Declinaison_name: Specify the name of the variation attribute that you want to create on eBay (example: "Dominant color").
    • Declinaison_value: Fill in the declination value by matching a field of your source catalogue (example: $COLOR$) or add a rule.
      You can create up to 5 custom variation attributes by category. 


Note / Variation titles

It is NOT recommended to send the same variation titles as the attributes already displayed in your eBay channel. 

Example: If a size attribute (ATTR_size) already exists for the category, and you want to set a size variation on your product listing, name your variation "Sizes" or "Available sizes" - but NOT "size".

Note that the existing attributes (ATTR_) in categories are mainly used by eBay to create search filters (and thus to bring the buyer more easily on your product sheets)

Warning / Parent products

For parent products, make sure you do NOT leave these fields empty:

  • EAN: enter "does not apply" for eBay UK/US, or its equivalent depending on the language (FR: "non applicable" / ES: "no aplicable" / DE: "nicht zutreffend" - see the full list here). 
  • Price: price of the item. For the parent products, it is recommended by eBay (but not mandatory) to send the lowest price among the variation.
  • Quantity: stock available. For the parent products, it is recommended by eBay (but not mandatory) to send the sum of quantities for the whole variation.

Note / Images and variations

E.g.: You are selling tee-shirts on eBay. These tee-shirts have colour and size variations.

Make sure that the variation type you fill in at first is the colour ("Declinaison_name_1" and all three associated fields).

If images from several variations are sent to eBay, only images from the first variation (values entered in "Declinaison_name") will be sent. Therefore other images won't be sent.

Regarding ads which include variations on eBay, it is impossible to change their duration, category, title or format if an item has already been sold.

In this case, send a "Delete" for the ad and publish it again, so that changes will be taken into account.

For more details read the eBay documentation.

4. Products identifiers

To display your products on the marketplace, eBay defined specific products types for which one the following identifiers is mandatory:

  • EAN
  • UPC
  • ISBN
  • MPN

Brand and/or manufacturer number (MPN) may be mandatory, depending on product category. For more information, please read the dedicated eBay documentation.
MPN and Brand are mutually dependent, you cannot fill one without the other. If you don't have an MPN number for your product, you may enter "does not apply" (UK/US). If there's no brand, you may enter "Unbranded/Generic" (US/UK).

If you have some products which do not have a EAN/GTIN identifier, provide one of the following values in the "EAN" field, depending on country:

  • US: does not apply
  • Canada: does not apply
  • UK: does not apply
  • Germany: nicht zutreffend
  • Australia: does not apply
  • France: non applicable
  • eBayMotors: does not apply
  • Italy: non applicabile
  • Netherlands: niet van toepassing
  • Spain: no aplicable
  • India: does not apply
  • HongKong: 不适用
  • Singapore: does not apply
  • Malaysia: does not apply
  • Philippines: does not apply
  • CanadaFrench: non applicable
  • Poland: nie dotyczy
  • Belgium_Dutch: niet van toepassing
  • Belgium_French: non applicable
  • Austria: nicht zutreffend
  • Switzerland: nicht zutreffend
  • Ireland: does not apply

5. Image requirements

It is mandatory to send eBay at least one image per product to ensure its display.

  • Minimal size authorized is 500 pixels.
  • Minimal recommended size is 1600 pixels

Note: eBay recommends using Pixelz to make your images conform to marketplace standards (remove borders, text, and other artwork on your images).

A maximum of 12 images per product variation is allowed (minimum one image for the parent product).

Best practices for creating images

To create the most effective images, keep the following in mind:

  • Images should be taken against a solid background.
  • Images should have neutral backdrops to keep the focus on the item.
  • Images should be evenly lighted so the image shows as many details as possible.
  • Do not scale up image sizes and do not add thumbnails to your images because these practices can affect the clarity of your images when presented on eBay.
  • Images should not include additional styling besides what is needed to show the product itself. Don't add borders or frames to your images.

More info on eBay documentation.

6. eBay Template

The Lengow platform does not support the creation of eBay Template to customize the design of your product listings on the marketplace.

However you can integrate HTML code in eBay description attribute to generate a customization of this attribute.

  • By implementing the complete HTML code of your template (created via another interface) on the attribute "description".
  • Or you already have a field in your product catalogue that already contains this HTML code and you match this field with eBay's "description" attribute.

Note: When creating your Template (on another interface), if you integrate it in Lengow, know that you can dynamically call the fields of your source feed! Remember to use the $ symbol when creating your template. Thus, when integrated into eBay's description attribute, the values called by the $ symbol will automatically be reflected in the created template.

Read our dedicated guide on Attributes Matching!

Manage your Exclusions

Follow the usual instructions for exclusions.

Preview your data

Check the data you are about to send to the channel at the "Preview" step.

Configure your Options

Configure options before sending your products catalogue to eBay.

  • PayPal ID: provide your PayPal e-mail address. This data is mandatory.
  • Adapt you SKU for multi-country (optional): if you sell your products on different eBay countries, your products identifiers must be unique for each country. If you want to sell your products on different eBay websites and do not have product identifiers for each country, enable this feature to create unique ones for each country.
  • New eBay Authentication (mandatory since April 2022): This setting allows you to cancel your orders through Lengow. For eBay UK and DE, it also enables the use of eBay's Click & Collect feature (if you activated this service).


Launch the channel catalogue

  • Before sending your optimized catalogue to the channel:
    • Check that your channel online store has been created and opened.
    • Check that there are no rules created in your channel back office.

Note: contact your channel account manager if you have any question on this matter.

Two distinct feeds are sent to the channel through API:

  • Product Feed: enables the integration and creation of products. It is sent to the channel once a day
  • Offer Feed: enables the update of prices, stock, etc. It is sent to the channel every 2 hours.

Read Integration Reports

Read product and offer Integration Reports to check that your products are properly configured, either at product creation level (product feed) or updates (offer feed).

These reports list only items which were rejected by eBay. For each product in error, eBay specifies the reason for the rejection.

Products and offers integration reports are available in your Lengow account:"Channels" tab > choose eBay > click on "Activity".

Main errors and their resolution

In each integration report available on Lengow, you will find:

  • the product id concerned
  • the error / alert message
  • the type (error or alert)
  • the time the report was received by Lengow in the interface.

The main errors and how to resolve them:

Brand not valid
Error Message: code 21919303 - The characteristic of the object Brand is missing.


Solve and prevent the error 21919303:

  • Check that the Brand attribute is correctly populated in Lengow for the product in question.
  • Use Preview to easily view the filled / missing value.
  • Enter a valid value and resend the feed to eBay.
  • Make sure the brand is valid and does not match the product model (for example: Brand = Apple, Model = iPhone 5C)
  • If the object does not have a brand, use the expression "no brand"
MPN not valid
Error Message: Required item specific, MPN, is missing. Please add MPN and a corresponding value to the listing and retry the operation.


Solve and prevent the error:

  • Use only alphanumeric characters
  • Use the most accurate manufacturer references. For example, different colors of a product must be associated with different manufacturer references
  • The reference should not include the words "for", "compatible", "see description", etc.
Parent Product ignored

Error Message: Product XXXXX is a parent product associate with a categorie that doesn't handle variations, so it will be ignored.

This error means that the eBay category of the product concerned does not accept variations. eBay rejects the "parent" product sent.

Solve and prevent the error:

  • Check that the "parent" products are excluded from the feed sent to eBay for this category and resend the feed to eBay for correction.

Tip: Use this site to check with eBay's category code whether or not it accepts variations.

DispatchTimeMax value is not valid

Error Message:DispatchTimeMax value is not valid : 7

This error means that the value "7" of the DispatchTimeMax attribute (preparation time before sending the order in working days) is not accepted.

Only values: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, ou 20 are accepted by ebay.

Solve and prevent the error:

  • Check the value entered for the DispatchTimeMax attribute and correct. Resend the feed to eBay for the correction.
Category ID value is not valid

Error Message: CategoryID value is not valid : "XXXXX > XXXXX"

eBay rejects the received category value because it does not match a category code expected by the marketplace.

It seems the Matching Category has not been done in Lengow for this category because eBay is expecting a numeric code instead.

Solve and prevent the error:

  • Check the value entered for the product concerned via the Preview.
  • Perform category matching of the category concerned and resend the feed to eBay for correction
International Product Code is not valid

Warning Message: code 21919456 : For multi-version ads, the value of the international material code must be specified for each version.

The problem lies with the attribute "Product Code" (EAN, UPC, ISBN, MPN or Brand) which is not valid for the product sent.

A version for eBay is a variation, a "child" product.

  • This message is a Warning, which does not prevent the publication of the product.

However, it is usually accompanied by the error 21919301: The EAN field has not been filled.

Solve and prevent the error:

  • Check the entered value for the EAN, MPN, and Brand attributes
  • If these attributes are correctly filled in, it is possible that the product is still being integrated on the eBay side. Resend a feed to the marketplace and wait for the next report
  • Check the publication of your product on eBay
Token is not valid/has expired

Error message:Token is marked as "Expired"

The token used to link your ebay seller shop to Lengow has expired or is not valid.

  • Check in your seller shop the token and re-activate it.
  • Complete the API Options in your Lengow feed to re-link your ebay seller shop to Lengow.
"Refurbished by the brand" program

Error message: Le vendeur n'est pas éligible pour utiliser la condition GOOD_REFURBISHED ni pour ce site ni pour la catégorie

You are not enable for the program.

  • Make sure you subscribed to it
  • Make sure your settings in Attributes Matching are following eBay's expectation. More info here.

 Edit a product file

Data is automatically updated as soon as the products feed is sent out.

Data is automatically updated as soon as the offer feed is sent out.

Unpublish/Delete an offer

To unpublish an offer on eBay, read our recommendations.

When you stop advertising a product on eBay, the offer is also deleted from your back office.

Special case

You want to unpublish a single product page which belongs to a set of products declined on two or more types of variation?

It is possible only if the whole set of products pages which includes this products has no error.

If one product variation has an error avoiding it to be displayed, unpublishing another product page from the set will be impossible.

Manage your eBay orders

You can manage your orders in the Lengow platform.

Note that eBay orders are imported by country. It means that you need to add an ebay feed per country in Lengow to get all the orders placed on the different eBay platforms on which you display your products.

1. Order retrieval

Lengow retrieves new or modified orders on the channel's website:

  • Every 15 minutes
  • Once a day, for new orders made or amended in the last 5 days 

2. Order processing

Orders go through various statuses in Lengow while being processed.

3. Allow foreign orders

By default Lengow only imports orders related to the country of publication. For a "FR eBay" feed we therefore only include orders from your FR eBay store. 

The "Allow foreign orders" option is a feature you can activate in Lengow that allows you to import all your eBay orders with only one eBay feed in Lengow

Meaning that you can integrate international orders, those coming from your other eBay stores while having a single eBay feed in Lengow. 

If you have multiple eBay feeds, each linked to a different seller store, you don't need to enable this option.

European VAT regulation

If eBay has to collect VAT, the marketplace will send to Lengow information related to VAT (if you are on an FR eBay feed, type will be IOSS or OSS for example).

This information will let you:

  • know whether you have to collect VAT or not for the order 
  • retrieve eBay VAT information , if you need to make a declaration on those orders fo which you are collecting VAT
Information will be provided in Lengow (in orders export), through Lengow plugin as a JSON text field as well as via Lengow API.

About collecting VAT in Europe.

4. Statuses of eBay orders

Here is the list of eBay statuses corresponding to orders statuses in Lengow:

1. New order

  • "New": at this stage, order is awaiting payment confirmation by eBay.

Note: it is not possible to accept eBay orders. As soon as payment is confirmed by eBay, status automatically becomes "Waiting for shipment".

2. Waiting shipment

  • "ToShip": order is waiting for shipment.

    During this status, you can confirm the shipment of the order and enter the carrier and the parcel tracking number/URL. You may even specify the product line.

    During this status, you can also cancel the order. You have to specify the reason.  

3. Shipped

  • "Completed": "sent". Order has been sent and shipment is in progress.

    During this status, you can cancel the order. You have to specify the reason.    

4. Cancelled

  • "Cancelled": order cancelled by merchant or customer.
5. To_pickup
  • "ReadyToPickup": order is available to be picked up

    During this status, you may cancel the pick upSpecify a reason.  
    During this status, you may declare the pick up is complete
6. Pickup_canceled
Pick up has been canceled. The eBay status may specify the reason:
  • "PickupCancelled"
  • "PickupCancelledBuyerNoShow"
  • "PickupCancelledBuyerRejected"
  • "PickupCancelledOutOfStock"
7. Pickup_completed
  • "Pickedup": order has been picked up

    During this status, you may refund the pick up order. Specify a comment, the refund id, the refund quantity, the refund mode.
8. Pickup_to_prepare
  • "PendingMerchantConfirmation": Order is not ready to be sent.

    During this status, you have to confirm the pick up is ready. Specify a comment and the pick up id.

    During this status, you may also cancel the pick up. Specify a reason.

For the client's phone number to be retrieved by Lengow, an option must be activated in eBay's back office.

It is possible to cancel an eBay order from Lengow. Go to the "settings" page of your eBay feeds and click on the "New eBay authentication" option to activate it.


Channel's news

Find here the latest changes/communications from the channel and what you have to do in Lengow:

30th May 2022 - Removal of rules with conversion list
  • To sum up

Following the migration to the Taxonomy API on April 20, the rules display encountered recurring issues. Lengow launches on May 30, 2022 a removal of default rules on attributes with a conversion list.

  • What you have to do in Lengow

Following the purge of May 30, 2022, you need to recreate your rules with a conversion list.
Without action on your part, your new products will not be displayed on eBay. 

23rd May 2022 - Item's condition to specify in title and in the description
  • To sum up

From 23rd May, the item's condition has to be specified in the product's title and its description for  categories listed below in the "original message".
Failure to update your products will result in their unpublication

The value "2500" (refurbished by seller) has also been removed in the ConditionID attribute.

  • What you have to do in Lengow

To continue listing your products on eBay, make sure your products in the affected categories contain the item's condition in their title and their description.

If your catalogue contains a field indicating the product's condition, you may match it after your product title in the title attribut, as shown in the image below. 


If you were using the value "2500" (refurbished by seller) in the ConditionID attribute, select the status of the "Used" object (3000).

  • Original message (FR)

Nous apportons des changements importants à la façon dont les annonces sont affichées avec des variations de condition dans certaines catégories.

Nous avons communiqué aux vendeurs qu’ils doivent mettre à jour leurs annonces pour les articles présentant des variantes d'état dans les catégories répertoriées ci-dessous. Si elles ne sont pas mises à jour avant le 23 Mai, les annonces seront désactivées.

Qu'est-ce qui va changer

Les variantes d'état et de grade (par exemple : "Excellent", "Parfait", "Grade A", "Grade B") ne seront plus disponibles en tant que variantes personnalisées avec plusieurs codes de produit. L'état de l'objet doit plutôt être inclus dans le titre et la description.

Catégories concernées :

• Moniteurs, projecteurs, accessoires

• Imprimantes, scanners et consommables

• Disques durs (HDD, SSD et NAS)

• Télévisions

• DVD, Blu-ray et home cinéma

• Jeux vidéo, consoles et accessoires

• Accessoires pour téléphones portables

• Appareils audio portables, écouteurs

• Systèmes audio et Hi-Fi domestiques

• Maison intelligente et surveillance à domicile

• Assistants vocaux intelligents, hubs et accessoires

• Aspirateurs

• Machines à café et à thé

• Petits appareils de cuisine

• Photographie et vidéo

• Outils électriques et machines de jardin

• Outils électriques pour le bricolage et le bricolage

Ces changements amélioreront de manière permanente l'expérience d'achat globale, ce qui entraînera moins de retours pour des raisons "Article non conforme à la description", plus de vues d'annonces et un meilleur taux de conversion.

Détails techniques

Comme annoncé, il y aura des changements concernant les conditions de l'article dans les catégories susmentionnées. Les nouvelles conditions d'article sont déjà disponibles et peuvent être importées à l'aide de l'API connue GetCategoryFeatures ou getItemConditionPolicies.Pour GetCategoryFeatures, il convient de noter que nous avons implémenté un nouveau array "SpecialFeatures" qui renvoie les nouveaux états des articles. L'appel de la Sell Metadata API getItemConditionPolicies rapportera "Reconditionné Certifié" uniquement pour les vendeurs éligibles dans toutes les catégories.

Si vous avez déjà effectué ce changement pour la catégorie "Mobiles & Smartphones", il vous suffit de vous assurer que les nouvelles conditions de l'article sont également récupérées pour les nouvelles catégories citées ci-dessus.

Une subdivision plus granulaire des états des articles pour les produits reconditionnés certifiés a également été introduite dans les catégories susmentionnées. On distingue désormais :

Parfait état - Reconditionné (2010)

Très bon état - Reconditionné (2020)

État correct - Reconditionné (2030)

L'état de l'objet "Reconditionné par le vendeur" (2500) sera supprimé dans les catégories mentionnées, donc à l'avenir vos vendeurs devront utiliser l'état de l'objet « D'occasion » (3000). De plus, il n'est plus permis d'utiliser la condition de l'article comme attribut de variante dans ces catégories.

May 2022 - New Mandatory Attributes & Category changes
  • To sum up

eBay adds new attributes to certain categories and updates to categories and classifications. Available during the week of 17th May, these new attributes will become mandatory in mid-July.

  • What you have to do in Lengow

Fill in the new attributes in the following categories starting in the week of 17th May:
- Cars, motorbikes: parts and accessories
- Beauty, wellness
These new attributes will become mandatory in mid-July.

You also want to check the your categories matching. Changes are being made to their structure and some categories and classifications will be automatically moved, renamed, transferred or might even disappear as a result of this update.
The list of changes is available by country:

eBay France - Changements des catégories
eBay France - eBay Changements de catégories

eBay Italia - eBay Modifiche alle categorie
eBay Italia - eBay Modifiche alle categorie

eBay Deutschland - Kategorieänderungen
eBay Deutschland - Kategorieänderungen & aktualisierte Artikelmerkmale

eBay España - Cambios de categoría
eBay España - Cambios en las categorías

eBay UK - Category Changes

Category Changes | eBay
Preview Category Changes | eBay

eBay Österreich - Kategorieänderungen
eBay Österreich - Kategorieänderungen & aktualisierte Artikelmerkmale

  • Original message

Pour que vos acheteurs trouvent plus facilement vos produits, nous allons ajouter de nouvelles caractéristiques de l’objet à certaines catégories et apporter des changements aux catégories et à la classification. [...]
Changements apportés aux catégories et à la classification
Mises à jour des caractéristiques de l’objet [...]

Pour les catégories :
Documentation : https://pages.ebay.co.uk/categorychanges/
listing complet des changements : https://pages.ebay.fr/categorychanges/FR_Category_Changes.html

Au cours de la semaine du 17 mai 2022, certaines catégories seront mises à jour afin de faciliter les recherches des acheteurs et ainsi augmenter vos ventes. [...]
Vérifiez si les catégories où se trouvent vos annonces seront affectées par ces changements.

Pour les caractéristiques de l'objet :
Documentation : https://espacevendeurs.ebay.fr/nouveautes-vendeurs/avril-2022/caracteristiques-objet
Les nouvelles caractéristiques de l'objet seront disponibles dès le 17 mai*Elles deviendront obligatoires mi-juillet 2022.*

20th April 2022 - Decommissioning of trading API
  • To sum up

The trading API is decommissioned on April 20th. Lengow is migrating to the Taxonomy API to retrieve attribute characteristics by category. This migration will have an impact on your attribute matching.

  • What you have to do in Lengow

In order to continue publishing your products correctly, make sure to check your attributes matching as soon as possible as it is refined with the API migration. This refinement will materialize for some attributes (e.g. attr_Brand, attr_Type, attr_Features) by drop-down menus allowing you to define the categories more precisely.

In other words, many attributes per category will now have a conversion list (and no longer a free value). It is necessary to check the matching of these attributes for the publication of new products, using conversion lists for the attributes concerned.

The values of the products currently sent will still be delivered to ebay. However, their display in the "attributes" tab will not take into account the old values, given the invalid listing.

Also please note that some attributes that were optional until now become mandatory (e.g. attr_Brand).

30th April 2022 - Decommissioning of the LMS api
  • To sum up

The ebay LMS API will be decommissioned in April 2022. Lengow has therefore migrated the LMS API to the new one (feed API).

  • What you have to do in Lengow

As of now, make sure you have a valid ebay token via the new auth, which is currently optional.
In Lengow, in your eBay feed, at the "Settings" step, it is currently labelled "New ebay authentication". Click on "Connect" to realise the token update.



22th February 2022 - Fields become mandatory for some categories
  • To sum up

Some fields will become mandatory. The list may vary according to the category your products are displayed. Change applies on different countries at the same time.

On eBay FR, mandatory item specifications have come into effect on February 22, 2021 for all new and existing product listings in the categories Clothing and accessories and House and garden . You are no longer able to publish new product sheets or modify existing product sheets in these categories.

More information with your eBay account manager. Another documentation has been issued for eBay US, CA here but regarding other categories changes.

  • What you have to do in Lengow

From the Attributes Matching step, make sure fields listed in eBay documentation (see below) are well filled in your Lengow account, in order to keep displaying your products on eBay past the deadline.

February 2022 - "Reconditionné par la marque" program (Refurbished by the brand)
  • To sum up

eBay launches its new program "Reconditionné par la marque" (Refurbished by the brand). Therefore, changes have to be made in Lengow feeds by merchants in order to stick to ebay expectations.
Sellers who want to take part have to subscribe to it, before sending values linked to this program through their feed.

  • What you have to do in Lengow

At the Attributes Matching step in Lengow:

Before 9 February
, remove multi-variation product listings regarding condition and create a new product listing per condition for refurbished smartphones, connected watches, tablets, e-readers. All listings that are not updated by 9 February will be removed by eBay.
For these categories, replace the status "Refurbished by the seller" by "Used".

Before 9 March, remove multi-variation product listings by condition and create a new product listing by condition for refurbished laptops, netbooks and all-in-one desktops. All listings that are not updated by 9 March will be removed by eBay.
For these categories, replace the status "Refurbished by the seller" by "Used".

From 16 February, three new new refurbishment ratings will be introduced: Perfect Condition - Reconditioned; Very Good Condition - Reconditioned; Fair Condition - Reconditioned.

Use them only if you meet eBay standards and joined the Refurbished program!

  • Original message

[...] En mai 2021, un grand pas a été fait avec le lancement de l’état “Reconditionné par la marque”. L’étape suivante consiste aujourd’hui à lancer le programme Reconditionné. Pour améliorer l'expérience d'achat lorsqu’ils consultent les annonces nous introduisons trois nouveaux indices de reconditionnement (plus de détails ci-dessous).

Ces indices s’ajouteront à l’état existant "Reconditionné par la marque" et concerneront les catégories suivantes : smartphones, montres connectées, tablettes, liseuses, portables-netbooks et PC de bureau tout-en-un.

Pour éviter que les fiches produits de vos vendeurs ne soient supprimées, nous avons demandé aux vendeurs de mettre à jour certaines de leurs annonces dans les semaines à venir.

Qu'est-ce qui va changer et quelles actions vos vendeurs devront-ils prendre ?

Suppression des fiches produits multi variations concernant l’état

Il ne sera plus possible de personnaliser le libellé de l’état des produits (par exemple : “Très bon état” ou “Grade A”) pour les 5 catégories nommées ci-dessus. Cela améliorera leurs vues d'annonces et leur taux de conversion, tout en réduisant les retours pour « article non conforme à la description ».

Ce que vos vendeurs doivent faire :

Avant le 9 février, ils devront supprimer les fiches produits multi variations concernant l’état et créer une nouvelle fiche produit par état pour les annonces de smartphones, montres connectées, tablettes, liseuses reconditionnés. Toutes les annonces qui ne sont pas mises à jour avant le 9 février seront supprimées.
Avant le 9 mars, ils devront supprimer les fiches produits multi variations concernant l’état et créer une nouvelle fiche produit par état des annonces de portables, netbooks et PC de bureau tout-en-un reconditionnés. Toutes les annonces qui ne sont pas mises à jour avant le 9 mars seront supprimées.

Suppression de l’état « Reconditionné par le vendeur » et lancement du programme Reconditionné

À compter du 9 février 2022, l'état de l'article « Reconditionné par le vendeur » sera supprimé et, à partir du 16 février, trois nouveaux indices seront introduits : Parfait état - Reconditionné ; Très bon état - Reconditionné ; État correct - Reconditionné. Ces nouveaux états ne seront disponibles que pour les vendeurs participant au programme Reconditionné et qui respecteront les nouveaux critères d’adoption.

Ce que vos vendeurs doivent faire :

Avant le 9 février, mettre à jour toutes les annonces de smartphones, tablettes, liseuses et/ou montres connectées sous l’état « Reconditionné par le vendeur » en le remplaçant par l’état «D’occasion ».
Avant le 9 mars, mettre à jour toutes les annonces portables, netbooks ou PC de bureau tout-en-un sous l'état « Reconditionné par le vendeur » en le remplaçant par l’état «D’occasion».

Si vos vendeurs répondent aux normes et rejoignent le programme Reconditionné, ils pourront utiliser les trois nouveaux indices de reconditionnement pour leurs annonces.

Vos vendeurs peuvent demander à accéder au programme Reconditionné ici.

Seuls les vendeurs qui auront été acceptés pourront sélectionner les trois nouveaux indices (Parfait état - Reconditionné ; Très bon état - Reconditionné ; État correct - Reconditionné) dans la procédure d'insertion dans les catégories smartphones, montres connectées, tablettes, liseuses, portables-netbooks et PC de bureau tout-en-un.https://espacevendeurs.ebay.fr/annonces/reconditionne-marque [...]

September 2021 - ConditionID attribute

Starting from 27 September 2021, offers with "Seller Refurbished" condition (ConditionID 2500) will be automatically modified to "Used" (ConditionID 3000).

Variation MSKU managed according to item's condition will be blocked, including among others - condition: Grade, Cosmetic Condition, Item condition, Item grade, Cosmetic Grading, Phone Condition, Cosmetic Grade, Condition/Grade, Device Condition, Physical Condition, Grade/condition, Appearance, Cosmetic appearance.

What to do in Lengow, starting from now?

  • If a new offer is created for a refurbished product, the 'Used' condition item (ConditionID 3000) must be filled in
  • The titles and description must be updated to show the new item condition
  • If you update an existing offer with the condition "Seller Refurbished", you must change it to "Used" in order to modify it.
In January 2021, eBay announced that the value code '2000' (refurbished by manufacturer) would no longer be accepted for refurbished items and would be replaced by the value code '2500' (refurbished by seller or third party ).
  • For your items currently mapped to the value "2000", eBay has automatically changed them to the new value "2500".
  • Since then, you apply the value code '2500' for this attribute in Lengow for all your new products whose condition is "renewed".

More info in eBay Documentation.

July 2021 - VAT: Get compliant!

You already received communication from eBay detailling you actions to take (registration at the one-stop shop (IOSS/OSS*), checking your eBay account information...).

Regarding what you have to do in Lengow, for products sold in EU or on ebay.co.uk: 

  • Fill in Attributes Matching so that you provide the price including all taxes and the VAT rate used to calculate it.

Read more info from eBay.

Find additional info in the orders management step regarding info you will retrieve about that topic.

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