Segmentation is now...


On the previous platform, you could apply a filter during segmentation by specifying the products that you wanted to send to the channel.

Now you can simply indicate which products you do not want appear online during the exclusion stage!

New platform is case-sensitive. Make sure to adapt your Exclusions!

Previous platform wasn't case sensitive, in orther words segmentations that worked on the previous platform may no longer work on the new one.

In this segmentation for example: The "Title" field contains shirt
If the word shirt is written which an uppercase in the products catalogue, like this Shirt, this segmentaion'll be duplicated in the new platform, but it won't work.

What to do?

1/3 In the new platform, at the Exclusion level, you can see for each of them the percentage and the number of products impacted in your catalogue


2/3 To see the details of these products, click on the Exclusion. The icon located on the top right, allows you to see the list of products excluded by this one. 


3/3 Then adjust the condition of the Exclusion if necessary and save the change. 

Previous platform:


New platform:



  • Harmonization with the Rules system
  • Use the AND and OR operators to refine your exclusion
  • Create as many exclusions as you want
  • Filter your products from a single location based on catalog data and / or profitability criteria.
  • End of the management of virtual products. The exclusion of a product causes Lengow to send to the marketplace the data expected to unpublish it.

You can add, modify or delete an exclusion at any time.

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