Tracking your performance

Clicks, sales, acquisition costs: you can access the statistics of all your campaigns on the same interface through a view specific to your activity: your products. Thus, you can easily adjust the publication of more or fewer profitable products and categories to maximise your profitability on the marketing channels.

Analysing your performance requires the implementation of a certain number of indicators allowing you to follow your results on a daily basis according to defined objectives. For that you will implement the Lengow trackers on your site.

Lengow tracking is not available for new accounts created from January 2023.

To track the clicks and sales from channels (aside from the marketplaces) in the Lengow platform, it is necessary to install three trackers:

  • Click tracker

  • Checkout tracker

  • Conversion tracking.

As soon as you have started publishing your products, in the 'Statistics' section of our platform you will find:

  • Comparative views with the metrics choosen
  • An overview of key figures (revenues, costs, average basket...) and acquisition data (clicks, conversion rates...)
  • A detailed table of the performance of all relevant categories: by customer, product, distributor and category


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To optimise the distribution of your products, you can then create rules and exclusions based on profitability criteria. In particular:

  • you can say that you no longer want to publish products that have achieved a conversion rate lower than 4% in the last 30 days
  • you can exclude products that have generated more than 100 clicks in the last 7 days but 0 sales.

All these tools can make you more responsive and help you to adjust your publication strategy in real time so that you don’t miss out on great opportunities.



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