Shopware 6 - Lengow plugin changelogs

✅ Version 2.0.0 (released 22-05-2024)

🎉 Features

  • Remove the tracking option
    No longer functional as the tracking has been deprecated in Lengow.

🔧 Bugfix

  • Use of deprecated route annotation

    Change annotation route to attribute route

  • Plugin pages not displayed
    Replacement of the slot attribute by template tags with the #content attribute.
  • The plugin did not work under Vuejs V.3
    Make the plugin compatible with Vues versions 2 and 3 by using the component parameters of both versions.
  • Product and order grid no longer displayed
    Fix grid for order and product page with replace sw-select-selection-list by sw-data-grid component.
  • VueJs no longer natively uses the filter system for templates and images, and front dates are no longer displayed
    Setting up filters in VueJs components methods for using date and image filters for templates.
  • The lgw-lockable-string-field component did not update in real time
    Set up transition method, watcher and data for the component to be reactive again.

  • No names found for order states when triggering order state change events for send action
    Use Shopware order status id to find names.

  • The products don't have the right values for the delivery delay and just retrieve the first element of the delivery delay from the database
    Retrieve the right product values from the delivery delay id.

✅ Version 1.2.1 (released 19-04-2024)

🎉 Features

  • Return tracking_number and return_carrier
    Add field for return_tracking_number and return_carrier if is optional or mandatory argument for the marketplace and send this data in order action.
  • Added compatibility with Shopware 6.5.8
    Modification of the code to make it compatible with the latest minor versions of Shopware 6.5.8.

🔧 Bugfix

  • Uninstall with option delete data doesn't work
    Fix uninstall plugin when user want to delete all data.
  • Url is wrong for cron and toolbox in Shopware
    Exclude useless url of native Headless shop.
  • Get modified file of toolbox doesn't work
    Fix value of shortPathParam.

✅ Version 1.2.0 (released 26-03-2024)

🔧 Bugfix

  • Products not added to cart when importing orders
    Correct method settings when adding products to the shopping cart before importing.
  • Action not sent when the order status change event is triggered
    Define action id as integer type.

✅ Version 1.1.3 (released on 24-01-2024)

🎉 Features

  • Environment switch
    Add configurable URL environment to connect to Lengow in setting and add accessible setting in footer of plugin
  • Toolbox file details
    Find more detailed information on modified files via the toolbox

🔧 Bugfix

  • Deferred vat number sync not updated
    Allow this info to be updated after order creation
  • Duplicate order due to "delivery_address_id"
    Ignore this value
  • Installation plugin fix
    Installation file fixed for last version of Shopware
  • Replace class" EntityRepositoryInterface"by "EntityRepository"
    The latest version prohibits its use and requires you to use "EntityRepository" instead
  • Icon not displayed in plugin
    Use new class name for icon library in Shopware
  • Annotation prohibits
    Use new annotation for route scope
  • Wrong use of "RetryableQuery"
    Use of RetryableQuery method fixed
  • Missing partial refunded status for orders
    Add "partial_refunded" new state 

✅ Version 1.1.2 (released 03-03-2023)

🔧 Bugfix

  • [import] Fix search carrier code
    The request to retrieve carrier id returned an error on Shopware version 6.4.x and php 8.1 blocking to ship order and add carrier to order.

✅ Version 1.1.1 (released on 27-01-2022)

🎉 Features

  • Adding the PHP version in the toolbox
    Adding the version of PHP installed on the client's server in the internal and external toolbox of the plugin
  • Modification of the fallback urls of the Lengow Help Center
    Modification of all plugin fallback urls following the migration of the Lengow Help Center from Stonly to Zendesk
  • Adding extra field update date in external toolbox
    Addition in the external toolbox of the date of update of the extra field allowing to visualize the status of an order at the time of import into the CMS

✅ Version 1.1.0 (released on 14-12-2021)

🎉 Features 

  • Integration of order synchronization in the toolbox webservice

Setting up synchronization over a given period, a time interval or for a specific order. Possibility of forcing synchronization to remove current errors and attempt to reimport the order. The webservice returns a detailed JSON containing the number of orders created, failed, ignored, updated or even badly formatted.

  • Retrieving the status of an order in the toolbox webservice

Integration of endpoints to retrieve the status of a Lengow order in the CMS. Recovery of all Lengow data for a specific order: list of errors, actions, status changes and all data necessary for support.

✅ Version 1.0.2 (released on 19-07-2021)

🎉 Features 

  • Integration of a new toolbox url

Outsourcing of the plugin toolbox via Webservice. The toolbox url allows you to retrieve all the plugin data: plugin summary, list of options, checksum of plugin files and list of available logs. It also allows you to download logs for a specific day or all.

  • Added compatibility with Shopware 6.4

Modification of the code to make the plugin compatible with the latest versions of Shopware (6.4.x).

  • Adding an update modal in the plugin

Implementation of a modal indicating that a new version of the plugin is available for download. This modal is displayed by default once a day when the plugin is obsolete. It contains all the information allowing the update (version changelog, update procedure and link to the support). It remains present continuously using a link in the header of the plugin.
🔧 Bugfix

  • [export] Improvement of the data cleaning function

Removed superfluous html_entity_decode () function when retrieving product description. This function added on the fly characters misinterpreted by the indexer and blocked indexing of the catalog.

  • [export] Removal of duplicate headers in the catalog

Implementation of additional security to avoid header duplicates in the exported catalog.

  • [export] Recovery of all product images

Improvement of the getImages () function to retrieve all the images of a product as well as its variations. Addition of a sort to retrieve the order of images entered in the Back-Office and verification on the media MIMETYPE in order to retrieve only images.

✅ Version 1.0.1 (released on 18-02-2021)

🔧 Bugfix

  • Adding secure parameters in the product retrieval SQL query

The request to retrieve product ids to export returned an error on Shopware version 6.2.x blocking the export of the catalog  

  • Using the getFeedUrl () function on the catalog view link

The link to view the catalog on the product page did not contain the subdomains and did not allow you to preview the catalog  

✅ Version 1.0.0 (released on 17-02-2021)

 🎉 Features 

  • Lengow Dashboard (contact, helper center and quick links)

Implementation of the Lengow dashboard on the plugin which contains all the links to the different pages of the plugins.

  • Product page with product selection by sales channel

Integration of the product screen allowing you to view the catalog export and make a product selection by sales channel.

  • Direct retrieval of the Shopware catalog in Lengow

The plugin allows you to connect directly to the solution and manage its various sales channel via the interface. Lengow's indexer then detects a plugin-type catalog and automatically retrieves all the data per packet.

  • Implementation of the Lengow order management screen

The Lengow orders screen allows you to quickly view the status of all orders from marketplaces and see their status within the plugin. It will indicate if the order was correctly imported and if not, we can easily see the error and resolve the problem.

  • Automatic synchronization of marketplace orders between Lengow and Shopware

Automatic escalation of marketplace orders every 30 minutes. The plugin will then create a Shopware order for each order placed on the marketplace. The customer will then be able to manage it in the same way as an order placed on his front.

  • Management of orders sent by marketplaces

The plugin gives the possibility of importing orders sent by marketplaces and of choosing whether or not you want to decrease stocks for them.

  • Display of order types (express, B2B, delivered by marketplace)

Display in the order management screen of the different types (express, B2B, shipped by the marketplace). Integration of filters to quickly view and process orders according to their type.

  • Quick fix import or send action error using refresh button

Installation on the order management screen of an error resolution button when an order is blocked either for an import problem (product not found, insufficient stock, etc.) or a concern for sending an action (missing data, unauthorized action, etc.).

  • Management of ship and cancel actions on orders

Integration of the ship action on placing the Shopware order in sent as well as the addition of a tracking number. Also integration of the cancel action on the cancellation of a Shopware order.

  • Automatic verification of actions sent to the marketplace

Setting up a routine to check if the actions sent by the plugin have been accepted and carried out by the marketplace. If this is not the case, the error returned by the marketplace will then be visible in the Lengow order management screen.

  • Automatic sending of action if the first shipment was a failure

Implementation of a security routine sending all actions "forgotten" by the plugin. This function is especially useful when using an ERP for order logistics.

  • Sending a report email with order import and action upload errors

If an order encounters an error importing or sending an action, an email is automatically sent. Possibility to enter several email addresses. By default, the store's contact email is used.

  • Viewing all Lengow order Information on the Shopware order detail

Display of all Lengow data in a Lengow block visible on the Shopware order detail. We will also find the initial json of the command at the time of import.

  • Help page with all necessary support links

Setting up a help page containing direct links to Lengow support as well as the Help Center dedicated to Shopware 6.

  • Toolbox with all Lengow information for support

Integration of a toolbox directly into the plugin containing all the technical data necessary for support. There is also a checksum check of the plugin files to verify that no file is missing or modified.

  • Download maintenance logs globally or per day

The toolbox also contains a page allowing you to download the plugin maintenance logs per day or globally.

  • Direct management of settings in the plugin interface

Setting up a configuration page allowing you to modify all the parameters necessary for the plugin.

  • Lengow synchronisation directly from the plugin

Setting up a login screen allowing you to synchronize your cms to an existing Lengow account.


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