Mirakl orders statuses

Orders go through various statuses in Lengow while being processed.

Statuses for Mirakl orders

Here is the list of Lengow statuses corresponding to orders statuses using Mirakl System:  

  • "new": [ "STAGING" ]
  • "waiting_acceptance": [ "WAITING_ACCEPTANCE" ]
  • "waiting_shipment": [ "SHIPPING" ]
  • "shipped": [ "SHIPPED" ]
  • "refused": [ "REFUSED" ]
  • "closed": [ "CLOSED", "RECEIVED" ]
  • "canceled": [ "CANCELED" ]
  • "refunded": [ "REFUNDED" ]
  • "partially refunded": ["REFUNDED"] Not applicable for Galeries Lafayette.

Possible actions on Mirakl orders

  • accept or refuse the order (order must be at waiting_acceptance status)

  • ship the order. (order must be at waiting_shipment status)

Ship action requires "tracking_number" to be specified.

If you're using a carrier unregistered by Mirakl, you can enter a "tracking_url". When the carrier is registered by Mirakl, this information is computed automatically  

  • refund (order must be at shipped status)

Refund action requires "reason" to be specified from the valid values accepted by the channel.

Fulfillment orders

If "Fulfillment" feature is made available by the marketplace, information will be automatically retrieved as specified in the "Lengow & Fulfillment" guide, "Orders Import" step.

Mirakl orders - news

Find here the latest changes/communications about Mirakl orders and what you have to do in Lengow:

07th March 2023 - Orders API modification
  • To sum up

Lengow's orders API is evolving on March 7th, 2023. Find below the changes for your Mirakl orders:

    • At Order line level, for the field Package > Cart > "Tax" : the shipping taxes will not be included anymore in the amount.
  • What you have to do in Lengow

No action is required in Lengow, but these changes may have an impact if you retrieve orders using our API. 

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