Setting an acquisition channel / From previous to new platform


This article is for you if... 

You want to carry over one or more acquisition feeds into the new platform.

"Acquisition" channels are the following feeds

- Comparison shopping engines
- Social media
- Retargeting 
- Affiliation

What to do in Lengow?

The steps to set up an acquisition feed in the new platform are always the same:
  1. Add the channel

  2. Carry out the Category Matching

  3. Realise Matching Attributes and Rules associated with the channel

  4. Create Exclusions

  5. Check content ready to be sent to the channel in the Preview and apply Search/Replace

  6. Define channel's Settings

  7. Notify the channel

  8. Deactivate the feed in the previous Lengow platform

All these steps are detailed in videos in this article. 

For each step, you will be able to access :
- the detailed article,
- the comparison between the previous and the new platform
- or go on to the next step. 

Have a good set up!

All the actions you can do on the previous version will have to be replicated on the new version, as long as the latter is not the one used by the channel to display your products.
Google has a specific process, please follow this guide.

1. Add a channel

For more information, read our dedicated guide.


Adding a channel is now faster! 
You choose the channel, click on "Add" and the structure is instantly available in your Lengow account.  

2. Realise Categories Matching

For more information, read the dedicated guide.

This step is not required by all channels.
If it is not offered in Lengow for the channel you are setting up, please see the next step in this guide: Matching Attributes

3. Realise Attribute Matching

To find out more, I consult the dedicated guide.

The data in my catalogue does not match exactly to values requested by the channel? 
Features below will allow you to adapt your values to the channel's expectations.

3.1 I use functions

For more information, read our dedicated guide.  

3.2 I create rules

When used properly, the new Rules engine is very powerful. Take the time to discover it in detail in the article dedicated to it.

3.3 I can also use conversion lists

For more information, read our dedicated guide.

With this new feature, you can easily create a single Rule for size or colour matching, for example!

3.4 I need to set up a third party tracking via Lengow

If you were used to use the “Tracking” tab from the “Feed management” section in Lengow, you’ll have to report this tracking thanks to Attributes Matching in the new Lengow version. 

Read our dedicated articles about that subject:


Read the guide to the tracking differences between the two platforms.

4. Realise an Exclusion

I exclude products that I do not wish to distribute, using one or more Exclusion rules.

For more information, read our dedicated guide.  


Check out this article to easily navigate between the two platforms.

5. Check the data sent to the channel

Use the Preview to check your optimized data before the launch to the channel.

For more information, read our dedicated guide.  

Lengow's advice
At this stage, the Search/Replace setting is available to apply the latest changes to your catalogue.
We recommend that you use this setting sparingly.
If you have to create a lot of Search/Replace entries (to correct typos in your source catalogue for example), it is more efficient to make these changes at the Catalogue level in Lengow, via the "Optimisations" setting. This way, these modifications will already be applied if you use the same catalogue for another channel.


6. Define the channel parameters

This is where you fill in the settings that are compatible with the channel.

For more information, read our dedicated guide.

7. Send your products to channel

It's time to launch your products!

For more information, read our dedicated guide.

Congratulations, you have completed your setup on this channel!

The first submission is not automatic! 

With the exception of Google, all acquisition channels work by URL. Tell your channel account manager the new URL of your optimised catalogue to be taken into account. 

This URL is given to you at the end of the channel's settings.
Once the channel is activated, you will also find the optimised feed url by going to the channel in question on your Lengow account > Settings > go to bottom of page > "Copy this link".  
Google feed has a different process!
Follow this guide.

8. Deactivate the channel on previous Lengow platform

When your products will be displayed via the new Lengow platform, go back to the previous version of your account ( and deactivate the channel.

Don't miss this step since it has effects on invoicing.


Congratulations, you have completed your setup on this channel!

What is your next step ?

Notify Lengow

If this is the last channel you deactivate, inform Lengow Support or your Lengow account manager that you have done so.


Don't miss this step since it has effects on invoicing.


Congratulations, you have completed the transfer of all your channel feeds from the previous to the new platform! 

To help you manage them on your new platform, we recommend you read these contents:
How can I optimise my acquisition feeds?
Choose the ROI calculation method
Analyse statistics
  • Read the statistics compiled by Lengow for the channels you use.
Unpublished unprofitable products
How to manage orders from Marketplaces?

When a product is in error or to set it up you find that each markteplace is unique and has its own specificities...

It is impossible to list them all in one article! 

However, here you can find the tips and best practices for each channel guide: 

Manage orders

  • Read the dedicated article to know general information regarding orders management in Lengow.
  • Read the channel guide of your choice, at the "Manage orders" step, to find out the different statuses accepted and details on importing orders specific to this channel.
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