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Update trackers

To estimate your products profitability and take concrete action to optimise your performance on this new platform, we offer two different solutions:

  • Get your statistics with the Lengow Tracking

  • Get your statistics with Google Analytics

One of these tracking solutions is required to:

When switching from the previous to the new Lengow platform, the tracking update can be done before, during or after you have sent your optimised feed to channel.
Note that the collection of statistical data is not retroactive. 

No statistical data will be moved from the previous to the new platform.

You can retrieve all your statistical data registered on the previous platform per csv file. Contact Lengow Support.

Lengow Tracking

Like the Lengow platform, our tracking has also been renewed by our teams to match the new infrastructure.

You’ll have to:

  • Set up the Lengow tracking associated to the new platform. Read the "Tracking Lengow" article.

This action is for you in case:

  • You don’t use Google Analytics otherwise

  • You have easy access to the source code of your website or to your tracking management solution to make this change

Lengow tracking is not available for new accounts created from January 2023.

Google Analytics

Another option is to link your Google Analytics data to your Lengow account to use these data as a source for setting up profitability rules/exclusions.

You’ll have to:

  • Link your Google Analytics account to your Lengow account. Read the "Google Analytics" article.

This action is for you in case:

  • You also use Google Analytics and want to rely on centralised multi-source statistical data

  • You can’t easily access the source code of your website or tracking management solution.

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