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New Lengow platform, new plugins!

In order to allow you to switch your marketplace feeds progressively from previous to new Lengow platform without interrupting the distribution of your products on the channels not switched yet / already switched, Lengow provides you with a hybrid version of the Prestashop plugin and the Magento (1) plugin..
This plugin will allow you to retrieve and manage your orders from channel(s) that you have not yet transferred to the new platform. At the same time, this plugin will allow you to retrieve and manage orders from the marketplace feeds you have set up on the new platform.

This article is for you if :
  • You were using a Lengow Prestashop or Lengow Magento 1 plugin to manage your orders on the previous platform
When switching from the previous to the new platform, we recommend that you start by installing the plugin that is compatible between both platforms (we call it the "hybrid plugin"), as this will help you to easily and automatically import your products catalog into the new Lengow platform.

Are you a user of Prestashop, Magento 1, Magento 2, Shopify, Shopware, Shopware 6 or WooCommerce and you were not using a plugin with the previous Lengow platform?
Lengow has designed a dedicated plugin for each of these e-commerce platforms. If you were not using a plugin on the previous platform, you can install the dedicated version for the new platform. Follow the detailed instructions here.

About marketplaces orders and plugins

Points you need to know before switching your marketplaces feeds to the new platform:

Orders from marketplaces switching with the "Product range" process will be retrieved in both Lengow platforms during the time they are active.

  • First import when a marketplace is activated in both Lengow platforms

By default, Lengow retrieve in the new platform all orders created or updated in the last 5 days from the day you activate the new channel (at that moment these orders would have already been retrieved in the previous platform).

There will be no consequences regarding orders import in your ecommerce back-office if you are using the last version of the hybrid plugin (Prestashop 2.2.12 or Magento 2.2.8).

  • Next imports

The hybrid plugin will randomly import orders to your ecommerce backoffice once from V2, once from V3.

While operating the switch between the two plaforms, keep an eye on actions you realise on orders.
In case you face orders update issue, you'll be able to update the status from the Orders dashboard in the new Lengow platform.
For example, if an action is imported from the previous platform to the plugin and you deactivate the marketplace feed there before making the "ship" action, then the action will not be transmitted to the marketplace. You will have to go to the Orders Dashboard in Lengow to make this action manually.

And don't forget to set the automatic order acceptance in your Lengow account, if you did it on the previous platform! (see button below)

In the hybrid plugin, activate the compatibility with the new Lengow platform and fill in token, secret and account ID (if you have not done it yet).

Make sure to do these actions before deactivating a marketplace feed in the previous Lengow platform, otherwise actions on orders may be not sent to the marketplace.

When switching to the new platform plugin?

We strongly advise you to install the plugin dedicated to the new platform, when all the marketplace channels you want to report to the new Lengow platform are set up and linked to the channels and all the orders are retrieved via the new platform.

Along with the plugin installation...

... please read through these different subjects (buttons below):

  • Demo environnement
  • Automatic order acceptance
  • When switching to the new plaform plugin ? (read paragraph above)


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