Setting orders management with Lengow API / From previous to new Lengow platform

API / From previous to new Lengow platform

New Lengow platform, new Lengow API!

In order to allow you to switch your marketplace feeds progressively from previous to new Lengow platform without interrupting the distribution of your products on the channels not switched yet / already switched, Lengow provides you with a brand new Lengow API.
It will allow you to retrieve and manage your orders from channel(s) that you have already set up on the new platform.
In the meanwhile, orders from channels remaining on the previous platform will be retrieved through the previous API.
This article is for you if :
  • You were using the Lengow API to manage your orders on the previous platform

What to do?

Previous and new Lengow API are different, therefore new developments are required from your side.

Please refer to documentation below to set up the connection between your ecommerce backoffice and Lengow API for the new platform.
Points you need to know before connecting to the new Lengow API:
  • By default, in the new platform, Lengow retrieves orders created or updated in the last 5 days.
  • If the marketplace feed is active in both previous and new platform at the same time, orders will be imported in both API from both platforms.
And don't forget to set the automatic order acceptance in your Lengow account, if you did it on the previous platform! (see button below)
Marketplace code may differ from a Lengow API to the other. To check new marketplace code, please use this request:

Along with the API connection...

... please read through these different subjects (buttons below):

  • Demo environnement
  • Automatic order acceptance
  • When to stop using the previous Lengow API? (paragraph below)


When to stop using the previous Lengow API

You will naturally stop using the previous Lengow API, when all the marketplace channels you want to report to the new Lengow platform are set up and linked to the channels and all the orders are retrieved via the new platform.
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