📣 2023 - Migration to La Redoute Mirakl

In 2023, La Redoute is migrating to Mirakl. Each in turn, all La Redoute feeds will be migrated to the new Mirakl structure in Lengow, according to a schedule defined by La Redoute. 

This guide is for you if you received an email notifying you that you must now start the migration of your La Redoute channel. 

Lengow has created a new La Redoute Mirakl channel for you and automatically copied most of your settings.
Please follow these steps to finalize its setup:

Step 1: Do not modify your existing La Redoute feed

Your existing La Redoute channel, which used La Redoute's "Sell-R" legacy technology, must remain unchanged until the correct functioning of the new Mirakl feed has been validated by La Redoute. 

Step 2: Complete the attributes of your new La Redoute Mirakl feed

A new "LaRedoute Mirakl" channel has already been created by Lengow, you will find in your Lengow account among your other channels:


Most settings of your previous feed have been replicated automatically.
However, several attributes have been added or have a new format. These attributes must now be completed according to La Redoute's requirements.

Actions required in Lengow

Mirakl attribute Previous attribute Action required
SKU Offre (new) Enter the unique product ID of your product.



Parent ID of the product. This field becomes mandatory for all products:
-  for simple products, add a rule to match their own product ID.
- for products with variations, Lengow copied your existing settings (no action is required).

Prix Offre


The price must now contain the ecotax (when applicable) whereas it was previously excluded.
 Make sure to include the eco-contribution in the price sent in the "Prix Offre" field. Tip: use a CALC function if needed.
Read more about offers in La Redoute's FAQ

Information on other changes

We would also like to draw your attention to the following changes:

Topic Changes with Mirakl
Unique identifier The previous attribute "PartnerProductReference" is now named "ShopSKU". It must be matched with your unique product ID. Your previous settings have been copied by Lengow onto your new Mirakl channel.
EAN In the new "product-id" attribute, the EAN code of the product is expected. In "product-id-type", the corresponding value "EAN" must be selected. Lengow automatically made these settings for you.
Sales and promotions The previous attribute "PrixBarre" was removed. To set promotions, enter your reduced price in the "discount-price" field, and your strike-through price in the "Prix Offre" field.
If you wish to add discount start/end dates, the format is: yyyy-mm-dd (e.g. 2023-06-28).
Images On the new Mirakl structure, there is one attribute per image, instead of all image URLs concatenated into one "MediaURLs" field. Lengow automatically matched each image link to each separate field: your main image in "image1", your next image in "image2" and so on, and transferred your existing rules. 
Please note that your server must authorize Mirakl to access the domain indicated in the image URLs.
Variations As mentioned above, the previous attribute "PartnerProductParent" is now named "ProductID". It must be matched with the parent ID of your products with variations (or the product ID if the product isn't declined). Your existing settings have been copied by Lengow onto your new Mirakl channel.
Parent products must now be excluded from the feed sent to La Redoute.
Size (ready-to-wear) For the products belonging to the ready-to-wear category, one size attribute (e.g. "T_Femme") must get a valid value. Your previous settings have been copied by Lengow onto your new Mirakl channel.
Logo Your logo must now be uploaded in your Mirakl back-office.
As a result, the previous "Logo" attribute has been removed from the structure.
Logistic class The "Parcel XS" logistic class is set by default by La Redoute. Fill in the field "Famille logistique - logistic_class" if you need to modify it.
Delivery The delivery settings must now be set directly in your Mirakl back-office. The shipping time must be entered for each EAN in the "leadtime-to-ship" field. If no shipping time is entered, a default value of 5 days is applied to the offer.
As a result, the previous delivery attributes (ShipmentDelay, DeliveryFee, DeliveryDaysRangeMin and DeliveryDaysRangeMax) have been removed from the structure.
Relay delivery La Redoute stated that relay shipment (pick-up point) will not be available until the last trimester of 2023.

For a complete overview of the changes incurred by the migration to Mirakl, please refer to La Redoute's FAQ portal for Mirakl integration.
If you haven't received the password to access this portal, please contact La Redoute.

Step 3: Exclude the parent products

With Mirakl, variations are grouped using the parent identifier provided in the "ProductID" field. There is no need to send the parent products anymore.

Action required: In the Exclusions section, you must create an exclusion rule to exclude all parent products, if your catalogue contains any.

Step 4: Check your new Mirakl feed

As you would with any new channel, review your feed to make sure all categories and mandatory attributes are matched.

Check also the Preview of your feed to ensure your settings are correct.

Step 5: Enter your Mirakl credentials 

In the Settings section of your La Redoute Mirakl channel, enter your Mirakl store id to start sending your data to La Redoute.
If you haven't received your Mirakl store id, please contact La Redoute.

 Remember to check the diffusion reports to correct the potential errors blocking product creation and update.

Step 6: La Redoute validation

La Redoute will review and validate the proper functioning of this new structure.

Step 7: After validation, inform Lengow

Once La Redoute confirms the validation of your new Mirakl feed, Lengow will disable the connection of your older feed to La Redoute's Sell-R. We recommend deactivating this feed
No other action is required from you for this migration.


Once your migration to Mirakl is complete, Lengow will stop the connection to La Redoute's Sell-R.
 The Orders API will be cut off and your feed deactivated one month after your new feed's connection to Mirakl is established.

The orders from your older La Redoute feed will still be present in Lengow, but no action or update will be possible.

These orders will remain accessible directly in the La Redoute Sell-R back-office for 3 months, to allow for manual actions such as refunds.

Orders via API or plugin

Warning: the API documentation for La Redoute is evolving due to the migration to Mirakl.
If you use our plugin or the Lengow API to manage your orders, there will be adjustments to make as:

  • La Redoute orders will now be listed under the name "laredoute_mirakl" (previously "laredoute");
  • Actions on orders, required parameters and the list of carriers have changed.

Please refer to our API documentation for La Redoute Mirakl (laredoute_mirakl) to find out about the expected parameters.
Query #get-marketplace-informations as follows: GET /marketplaces/?marketplace=laredoute_mirakl


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