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Provide preparation time for your orders

Fill in the field "PreparationTime". The maximum is 5 days.

Select delivery methods

Find here CDiscount documentation regarding delivery methods.

Choose your delivery method in the "ShippingInformationDeliveryMode" field.

Note 1: make sure you choose the same delivery methods as the one(s) you ticked in your Cdiscount Seller Zone. Otherwise your offer feed will be in error and your products will not be updated anymore on Cdiscount.

Note 2: here are the delivery methods suggested in your Cdiscount back office:

  • Home delivery - Small parcel (less than 30 kg):
    • Standard
    • Tracked
    • Registered
    • Express/Fast
  • Home delivery - Big parcel (more than 30 kg):
    • Eco
    • Usual
    • Comfort
  • Store or Pick-up Point delivery:
    • Store delivery
    • Pick-up Mondial Relay Shipping
    • Pick-up Relais Colis Shipping
    • Pick-up So Colissimo Shipping

The "Fast" delivery method is suggested to non-French merchants only and is automatically ticked in the Cdiscount back office.

Note 3: some delivery methods are exclusive/cannot "coexist" or are mandatory. For more information, please contact your Cdiscount account manager.

  • The "Standard" home delivery delivery will not be accepted for products sold for over €40. Meaning it won't be suggested for products sold for a minimum price of €40 on Cdiscount
  • Delivery methods for small parcels (less than 30 kg) cannot be chosen for big parcels (more than 30 kg) in one same offer.
  • The following home delivery methods are mandatory for:
    • small parcels (less than 30 kg): "Tracked" and "Registered"
    • big parcels (more than 30 kg): "Eco"
  • It is not possible to suggest Pick-Up Points delivery alone, such as "Pick-up Mondial Relay Shipping" or "Pick-up Relais Colis Shipping" or "Pick-up So Colissimo Shipping"
  • It is possible to suggest "Store Delivery" alone

Provide shipping costs

For each delivery method selected two attributes are requested:

  • "ShippingPrice"
  • "AdditionalShippingPrice"

Example : For "registered" shipping mode complete the following attributes :

  • RegisteredShippingPrice
  • AdditionalRegisteredShippingPrice

Note 1
: if you do not fill in the "AdditionalShippingPrice" field, no additional shipping cost will be applied whenever a customer purchases several units of one same product.

Note 2: if a customer purchases different products, the highest shipping costs apply. Additional shipping costs will apply for the other products.

For example, if a customer buys:

  • 2 "A" products with €5 shipping costs and €2 additional shipping costs
  • 2 "B" products with €10 shipping costs and no additional shipping costs

Then total shipping costs charged to customers amount to: 10€ (B) + 0€ (B) + 2€ (A) + 2€(A), therefore 14€

Note 3: Additional fees can be added via the sellershop for international shipments. The calculation is then automatically added to the delivery costs set from Lengow.


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