Amazon - Attributes - Promotions and sales

Fill in the following fields in Lengow to display your promotional offers on Amazon:

  • standard_price: strikethrough price of your product (original price). If your product is not discounted, this field must be filled in with your usual selling price.
  • sale_price: discounted price of your product.
  • sale_price_currency ["currency" in the Flat File version]: price currency.
  • sale_from_date: the date on which your special offer begins. Format: yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss
  • sale_end_date: the date on which your special offer ends.Format: yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss

As it is mandatory for many categories, we advise providing the List Price which is the suggested retail price set by the manufacturer. Complete the following attributes in Lengow:

  • Product..UVPListPrice..CurrencyAmount..Value: reference price of your product. You can provide a value of "0" to indicate that you do not have a List Price.
  • Product..UVPListPrice..CurrencyAmount..currency: currency corresponding to this reference price.

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