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Follow these instructions to publish products with variations:

1. Common fields 

  • partnerArticleModelId: your parent ID (the ID which is common to all variations from the same product).
     This field has to be filled in. If your product doesn't have any variations, fill this field in with the product ID.
  • supplierColor: This is the color that was provided by the manufacturer or supplier.
  • Block "colors": Enabling you to match your products colors with Zalando's grid. 

2. Specific fields per products category

Matching has to be completed for color, size and material attributes. If your product catalogue includes these values, you can use the conversion list through a rule for the concerned attribute.

Note #1: All products must be correctly configured. If a variation is set up incorrectly (e.g. a size which doesn't contain a value expected by Zalando), then all the variations of the product will be unpublished.

Note #2: For products with variations, titles shouldn't contain any notion of variation.

3. Sizes specificities

  • sizeGrid: Complete with size and size type as provided by your Zalando team partner

4. Material specificities

There are two attributes for materials:

  • upper_material_clothing (mandatory): fill in the different materials of the product. Expected format: "CO|10000" for 100% cotton, or "CO|7000;EL|3000" for 70% cotton and 30% elastane.
  • material (mandatory): the main material only.

Parent products must be excluded from the feed sent to Zalando, if your products catalogue contains any.

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