Sólo los usuarios existentes de la marketplace AliExpress en Lengow tienen acceso a este canal.

Contacta con la marketplace para saber si eres apto para vender tus productos en su web.

Para distribuir tus productos en esta marketplace, confirma que tu catálogo de productos contiene la información mínima requerida.

Nota: ¿no tienes estos valores en tu catálogo? Contacta con el Soporte de Lengow para encontrar una alternativa

AliExpress advice
A good product page generally contains the following content: 
1. Important description of the index parameters and functions 
2. 5 or more pictures with details 
3. After-sales services terms 
Please make sure the content does not violate any intellectual property rights. 
More info at the Attributes matching step!
Before you start setting up this channel you first need to connect Lengow to your AliExpress shop. This action will enable Lengow to retrieve the categories of the channel you're allowed to sell your products in. 
Si sus productos ya están en línea en AliExpress, primero deberá anular la publicación para poder publicarlos a través de Lengow.
Para publicar sus productos en varios países, solo agregue un feed de AliExpress en Lengow. Luego podrás publicar en otros países directamente en AliExpress.
Si agrega varios feeds de AliExpress en Lengow, es posible que sus pedidos se dupliquen.

Step 1: Configura tus Opciones

Connect your Lengow feed to your AliExpress shop before starting the configuration of this channel.

This page will redirect you to AliExpress seller center. Follow the instructions on the page to establish connection between the two platforms.


The access token generated for the connection between the two platforms expires every 30 days, preventing orders to be imported into Lengow and products/offers to be updated in AliExpress. 
You must renew the connection at the end of these 30 days to generate a new access token. Details at this step

Step 2: Matching your Categories

Following what's decided in your business contract with AliExpress, you are allowed by the channel to display your products in specific categories.
With the connection of your AliExpress shop to your Lengow feed (seen at Step 1), you can find your categories at the Matching categories step.
More info in our dedicated guide.

Step 3: Complete Attributes Matching

Algunos campos son obligatorios y deben ser rellenados para que tus productos puedan ser creados o actualizados. Otros campos son opcionales pero el canal recomienda rellenarlos para mejorar el posicionamiento de tus productos.

Here are some of the mandatory product attributes to complete in the Lengow structure for AliExpress: 

  • locale: The main language of the product. Ex: French
Aliexpress will depend on the subject and detail in main language to translate to other languages, if not filled in by sellers. Main language could not be modified after product has been uploaded.
  • product units type: Most common used types are "piece/pieces"
  • sku info list > xxx OR sku info list > sku Attributes xxx: Some attributes are prefixed by  "sku info list" in the common attributes or sub-categories. These attributes are mandatory or essential to correctly create products. 
Ex: sku info list > sku code is the merchant's identification for the SKU. Important reference to maintain the sku relationship between merchant and Aliexpress. 
  • inventory deduction strategy: To indicate when the inventory of a specific product will be deducted.
    - By orders: the inventory is deducted just after the order is placed by customer.
    - By payments: the stock is deducted after the payment is done successfully by the customer.
  • image url list: Main image that represents the product. image_url_list_01 is mandatory. The URL should be accessible and there is a maximum of 6 pictures. The URL can point to a seller's server or to AliExpress photobank.
  • title multiple language list: Enables you to create a title for your product. Several languages are possible.
  • description multiple language list: Enables you to create a description for your product. Several languages are possible.  
  • Price configuration for multiple countries: Indicate prices per countries where you are willing to ship your products.
More info on Attributes Matching in our dedicated guide.

Prepara tus ofertas especiales/rebajas

To set up special offers/sales, fill in the following fields:

    • "sku info list >  price" : original price of your product.
       If your product is not discounted, this field must be filled in with your usual selling price.
    • "sku info list > discount price": discounted price of your product.

Delivery method and costs

  • shipping template id: (mandatory) After the merchant has created a shipping template in the Seller AliExpress the id can be obtained and completed in the Lengow structure. It is also called Freight Template in the AliExpress API.
  • service template id: (mandatory) service policy id for returns & refund or local return service (the type of return warehouse), that has been set and obtained in the seller's background. By default the service template  "returns & refund" is set. If you would like to use the default setting, pass "0" to this parameter. More info in AliExpress documentation.
  • shipping preparation time: (mandatory) Refers to the preparation period of merchant before the package could be dispatched to the customer. Minimum:1
  • Size_chart_id: merchant's size chart id, more used in the category of shoes and clothes. Not mandatory but recommended for shipping and returns. More info on AliExpress API documentation.

Valores de Variaciones


Completa los siguientes atributos para configurar variaciones en tus productos

  • Parent ID 
  • sku info list > sku Attributes xxx  (atributos que generalmente se encuentran en tus subcategorías, no atributos comunes)
  • sku_info_list.inventory tiene que ser rellenado para los productos hijos Y padres.
Sobre productos padres:
  • sku_info_list.price tiene que estar vacío o ser 0 (cero)
Más información sobre las relaciones entre productos en nuestra guía dedicada.
Los productos padres deben ser enviados a AliExpress si tu catálogo contiene variaciones.

Multiple language list attributes

These attributes (mandatory) must be completed to create the title and description of your product. 
Also use them if you want to create the product in multiple languages.
title multiple language list (Product title can contain the brand name and its key attributes, stacking keywords together is proved to be less effective and will be subjected to traffic deduction based on AliExpress platform rules).
  • title multiple language list > locale: indicate the language off the new title
  • title multiple language list > current language title: complete with the new title, in the selected language
description multiple language list: 
  • description multiple language list > locale : indicate the language of the new description
  • description multiple language list > Description Module List > content type: only value available is "html". Select it. Please note that it's not mandatory to add an HTML description, your description can be simple.
  • description multiple language list > Description Module List > content > content: Complete with your new description, in the language selected
AliExpress advice
Product details are a vital-part of the buyer's click-to-buy. 
A good detailed description can motivate buyers to generate interest, stimulate demand, win trust, and ultimately participate in buying. 

User defined attribute list

If you would like to fully customized the attributes describing the product, fill in "attribute name" and "attribute_value" in the element.

  • Attribue name: merchant's attribute name
    Ex: Resolution
  • Attribute value: merchant's attribute value  
    Ex: 1920*1080

Step 4: Gestiona tus Exclusiones

Siga las instrucciones habituales para las exclusiones de este canal.

Step 5: Preview your data

Check the data you are about to send to the channel at the "Preview" step.

Step 6: Envía tu catálogo al difusor

Existen dos feeds que serán enviados al canal gracias a la API:
  • Feed Producto: permite la integración y creación de productos. Se envía al canal una vez al día.
  • Feed Oferta: permite actualizar precios, stocks, etc. Se envía al canal cada hora.

Monthly: Update your token

AliExpress' token expires every 30 days and AliExpress doesn't provide an automatic refresh for it.
You then have to manually re-authenticate every month to continue using the marketplace.
Make sure to refresh the token on time from your Lengow account before the token expires, otherwise the connexion between Lengow and your AliExpress account will be over. Products won't be updated and orders won't be retrieved anymore.
How to do it?
From your AliExpress feed in Lengow > "Settings" step  
Generate a connexion to your Aliexpress account
Lengow generates automatic emails and notifications to keep you updated with the need to refresh your token.

1. Make sure the alert "When we encounter troubles with your catalogues or channels" is active on your profile.

2. Keep an eye on your Lengow Account / email box and realise the action when suggested!

Notifications & subscriptions

Lee los Informes de Integración

Lee los Reportes de Integración de producto y oferta para verificar que tus productos se han configurado correctamente, tanto a nivel de creación de producto (feed de producto) como de actualizaciones (feed de ofertas). 

AliExpress ofrece explicaciones sobre sus mensajes de error en su sitio web.

Edita una Ficha Producto

Check our usual guidelines to edit your data.

Se actualiza automáticamente tan pronto como el feed es enviado.

Desactiva/Elimina una oferta

When the feed is sent from Lengow to AliExpress here are the different behaviors that will apply on your products:
  • If stock 0 is sent: product will be out of stock by AliExpress
  • If product (child, simple) no longer present in the feed: it will be deleted from marketplace
  • If all the children type of products are no longer present, the parent product is deleted with them.

More info in our dedicated guide!

Gestiona tus Pedidos

Puedes gestionar tus pedidos desde la plataforma Lengow.

1. Recuperación de pedidos

Lengow recupera pedidos del canal cada hora.

2. Procesar pedidos

Los pedidos pasan por diferentes estados en Lengow mientras los procesas.

Estado de pedidos

Here is the list of Lengow statuses corresponding to AliExpress orders statuses:


  • "new": [ "RISK_CONTROL" ]
  • "shipped": [ "SHIPPED", "WAIT_BUYER_ACCEPT_GOODS" ]
  • "closed": [ "FINISH" ]

Possible actions 

  • ship the order (order must be at waiting_shipment status)  

Ship action requires "carrier and "tracking_number" to be specified.


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