Magento 1 - Manage your orders

How to access it? "Lengow" tab > "Orders"

Orders management on Lengow

In this area, you will find:

  • The number of orders in error and waiting for shipment when there are some.
  • Last synchronisation date with Lengow. You can perform a manual synchronisation by clicking on the "Synchronize Orders" button.
  • An access to change the e-mail address to which error reports are sent.
  • Your imported orders which you can filter (Lengow status, marketplace, order ID, ...)
  • A command to re-import or re-send orders. Click on the dropping down menu near "Actions" and select your option.
  • Orders are only imported only once their status has become "Waiting for shipment".
  • As the import of order in the Lengow plugin causes a decrement of the stock on the product ordered, no import is made at the status "canceled" and "refunded".
  • Once the order is imported, it will no longer be synchronized with the plugin.

Order management on Magento 1 

In the plugin, you will find marketplace orders. You can see:

  • if the order has been correctly imported in Magento
  • your orders status (in progress and closed)

If an order is not correctly imported in Magento, it will appear as "Not imported". Mouse over this message to know what is preventing import. Correct the bug and click on "Not imported" to re-import the order.

If you encounter troubles whilst solving problems, contact ourSupport Team.


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