🔧 Google API - Error "Missing or incorrect mandatory attribute: id" in GMC account

Google error message: 

"Missing or incorrect mandatory attribute: id"

This error appears in your Google Merchant Center:


What does this error mean?

Google indicates that the attribute "id" is missing for your products; however, this attribute is not present in the structure of the Google API channel in Lengow.

The empty "id" column is automatically generated in the optimized feed by the Lengow platform, and this does not block your products.

This error occurs when you have configured manual importation via the URL of your optimized feed, in parallel with the API feed.

How to solve this error

Please note that once your Google API feed is activated in Lengow, we will transmit the products through our API. Therefore, manually entering the URL of the optimized feed in your GMC account is not necessary.

To solve this error, please delete the URL link in your GMC account.


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