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One of your colleagues needs to access your Lengow account? Give him/her access! 

How to access it?
Click on your avatar on the top right corner > "Company settings" part > "Users" 

Company settings / Users

One of your colleagues needs to access your Lengow account? Give him/her access!  

You may choose between several kinds of profiles, depending on which access level you want to assign. There is a master profile:

  • Owner: s/he is the legal representative of the account and manages access levels within the account. S/he is also the only one to manage the account payment methods and has no access restriction.

and users:

  • Logistician: can access orders from authorized channels.
  • User: has same access level as a "Logistician". Can also edit optimisations/setups and view statistics from authorized channels.
  • Admin: has same access level as "User". S/he can also manage access level for other users, except the owner's. There is no channel restriction (can manage all). S/he can carry out indexations, put a channel on hold and add a new channel and/or App.

Give access

1. Click on "Add a new user"
2. Choose a profile (Admin, Logistician or User)
3. Enter the e-mail address(es) in the field
4. If needed, limit the access to certain channels (User or Logistician only)
5. If you wish, you can add a personal message by ticking "Include a personal message?"
6. Click on "Send invitation"

Recipient(s) will receive an invitation e-mail to access the platform and create their profile. Each profile is accessible through individual credentials (login / password) and may be customized.

One same profile may be invited to access several accounts with the same e-mail address. If the recipient didn't receive the invitation e-mail, you have the option to re-send it.

Change or remove access

You may modify an access at any time; just click on the concerned profile. You can then change the access levels or the selection of authorized channels.

To remove an access, hover over the profile and click on "Revoke access" on the right. If needed, you may give access again by following the previous steps.    



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