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Contact Galeries Lafayette (Philippe Bassot : to know if you are eligible to sell your products on their website.

To distribute your products on Galeries Lafayette, check that your products catalogue contains the data normally required by Lengow.

EAN Matching

Galeries Lafayette allows EAN Matching.

To match your offer to an existing product on the marketplace, complete the following attributes:

  • "product-id" : enter the 13-digit EAN of the product.
  • "product-id-type" : enter the value "EAN" in uppercase.
  • "sku" : your product's unique identifier, which is used to retrieve orders.

Make sure you also fill in the required "offers" attributes ("price", "logistic-class", etc.) so that these offers are valid for the channel.

Contact Galeries Lafayette for more information on the different levels of content ownership.

Add a channel catalogue

Add a Galeries Lafayette channel catalogue in your Lengow account.

We recommend defining a Segment within your product catalogue to only configure and send the products you want to publish on this channel.

Match Categories

Match your categories with Galeries Lafayette's through "Categories Matching".

Complete Attributes Matching

Match your products catalogue fields with the fields requested by the channel, based on field definition. If necessary, enter hard values, use functions and/or adapt the values by creating rules. For fields with valid values, select the suggested values or match with your products catalogue values.
If a value is missing in the drop-down menu, please contact your Galeries Lafayette account manager and ask for the creation of the concerned value.

Some fields are mandatory and must be completed for your products to be created or updated. Other fields are optional but Galeries Lafayette recommends you fill them in to improve your products visibility.

1. Set up your special offers/sales

1.1 Special offers

To set up promotions, fill in the following fields:

  • price: strikethrough price of your product (original price). If your products are not discounted, this field must be filled in with your usual selling price.
  • discount-price: discounted price of your product. If your products are not on sale this field should be empty.
  • discount-start-date (optional): the date on which your promotion/sale begins. If you fill in this field and the "discount_price" field, the promotion will only begin on the date provided. Format: yyyy-mm-dd.
  • discount-end-date (optional): the date on which your promotion/sale ends. If you fill in this field and the "discount_price" field, the promotion will stop on the date provided. Format: yyyy-mm-dd.
  • code-manifestation : This code varies depending on the promotion. If a code is necessary, it will be communicated via email by the Galeries Lafayette several weeks in advance.
French Days : 
The settings for the "French Days" event are similar to the usual promotions settings. To find out the deadline for sending your on sales data, please contact your channel account manager.
French Days / 3J: 
The settings for these events are similar to the usual promotions settings. To find out the deadline for sending your on sales data, please contact your channel account manager.

1.2 Private sales

These are promotions reserved for customers with a account. 
For example: Avant-Premières Soldes, Avant-Première 3J or Mid-Season Private Sales.

Attention: The fields to be completed are different from a general public offer!

  • price[channel=VP]: strikethrough price.
  • discount-price[channel=VP]: promotional price.
  • discount-start-date[channel=VP]: date on which the private sales Galeries Lafayette begin. Format: yyyy-mm-dd. Example: 2023-11-15
  • discount-end-date[channel=VP]: date on which the private sales Galeries Lafayette end. Format: yyyy-mm-dd. Example: 2023-11-20
  • code-manifestation: Enter "AVP_BF_2023" for the 2023 AVP Black Friday operation (this code varies for each operation). It will be communicated by email by Galeries Lafayette several weeks in advance.
Black Friday Week (offers dedicated to all customers)
Send your EAN listing in advance to your GL account manager. Here are the settings expected in Lengow:
  • "Price": i.e. the regular price which will be crossed out. 
  • "Discount-start-date": 2023-11-21 
  • "Discount-end-date": 2023-11-27
  • "Discount-price": i.e. the discounted price. 
  • code-manifestation: two different codes in 2023:
    • from 21/11 to 23/11 included: BF_EXCLUWEB_23
    • from 24/11 to 27/11 included: S5725
If you are already participating in an operation launched by the channel, all you have to do is change your end date. 
Example to set up the Black Friday offers after your special operation: 
  • Discount-end-date: 2023-11-27

1.3 French sales

To set up your French Sales, follow the link!

2. Delivery method and costs

2.1 Delivery methods

Select delivery methods has in your Galeries Lafayette back office. Click on the tab "Boutique" > "Settings" > "Delivery".

2.2 Shipping costs

For shipping costs, please note that each product family is associated with a default logistics category. Rates are calculated based on the logistics category associated with the product and the delivery method chosen by the buyer.

You will find the chart of the price list in your Mirakl> tab "Informations".

For more information, contact your Galeries Lafayette Account Executive.

For the logistic category, you can choose to:

  • Indicate free shipping for all of your products. This is configured at the level of your Mirakl back office: "Shop"> "Settings"> "Delivery"> tick the box "Free Shipping".
  • Keep the logistic category assigned by default by Galeries Lafayette. In this case, no action is to be taken on your side.
  • Determine a free threshold for each logistic category, by filling the box provided for this purpose in Mirakl "Shop"> "Settings"> "Delivery".
  • Change the default logistics category assigned by Galeries Lafayette (logistic_class fields)

 3. Variation values

Galeries Lafayette accepts size and / or color variations. To decline your products, complete the following fields:

To manage your variations, fill in the following fields:

  • sellerProductId: parent identifier for your variations (a common identifier to all variations for one product).
       This attribute must be filled in (for your simple/unique products, enter the same identifier as for the SellerArticleID attribute).
  • Fill in the attribute(s) corresponding to your product variations (e.g "color", "size")
Parent products must be excluded from the feed sent to Galeries Lafayette, if your products catalogue contains any.  

4. Other particularities 

Specific settings are expected for the following attributes:

  • Image: 3 to 6 images per products (packshot as main image). Minimum image resolution of 1100*1200 pixels (or 0.916 ratio) on transparent, white or grey background. 
  • ArticleTitle: for a better referencing, specify the product type (example: Fahel skirt). Do not however include the brand or any variation (color, size, etc.) in the title.
  • Description: indicate your delivery terms here: delivery method, average shipping time after order confirmation, free shipping (if applicable), and delivery withdrawal period.

5. July 2021 VAT legislation - Get compliant!

You are selling and shipping from and to Europe. Any action is required from your part.

If this is not your case, Galeries Lafayette requires you fill in the country from where you ship orders in your Galeries Lafayette Mirakl backoffice under the " Expéditions et modalités de retours" part (Shipping and return)

6. Get compliant with anti-waste law (AGEC)

An attribute is provided by Galerie Lafayette to enter the IDU of your products:

  • eco-contribution

Fill in : 

"eco-contribution- amount[FR-XXX]", enter the amount in euros of the eco-contribution. 
For exemple: 0.03
"producer-id[FR-XXX]", which is the identifier you entered in "Economie Circulaire" in your Mirakl shop.

More info on the anti-waste law in the dedicated article.

Manage your Exclusions

Follow the usual instructions for exclusions for this channel:

Are there product variations in your catalogue? Check whether the parent products should be excluded or not in the step above dedicated to variations.

Preview your data

Check the data you are about to send to the channel at the "Preview" step.

Configure your Options

Configure options before sending your products catalogue to the channel.

Mirakl_storeid : Enter here your Mirakl store identifier

More about Mirakl Authentication System

Launch the channel catalogue

Before sending your optimised catalogue to the channel:

      • Check that your channel online store has been created and opened.
      • Check that there are no rules created in your channel back office.

Send your optimised catalogue to the channel

Two distinct feeds are sent to the channel through API:

  • Product Feed: enables the integration and creation of products. It is sent to the channel once a day. If your products are free from errors, they will be created on the channel and will appear online within 48 hours, after the offer feed has been sent.
  • Offer Feed: enables the update of prices, stock, etc. It is sent to the channel every hours. When the channel receives the offer feed, data is updated almost immediately on the channel website.

Read Integration Reports

Read product and offer Integration Reports to check that your products are properly configured, either at product creation level (product feed) or updates (offer feed). These reports list only items which were rejected by the channel. For each product in error, the channel specifies the reason for the rejection.

Product and offer integration reports are available and downloadable from:

  • Lengow: "Channel" tab > select "name of the channel" > click on "Activity"
  • Your Channel Mirakl back office:
    • Products feed report: "My Inventory" > "Import From File" > "Track product imports"
    • Offers feed report : "My Inventory" > "Import From File" > "Track offer imports"

Edit a product file

Contact your Galeries Lafayette account manager to edit this data.

Data is automatically updated as soon as the offer feed is sent out.

Delete an offer

To delete an offer, set the quantity of the product at 0 (zero) in the "Attributs Matching" area. 

If the product is:

  • Simple: there will be no preview of the product page on your store, but the link to the product page will remain active.
  • With variations: the product page still exists with the other sizes/colors available.

Manage your Galeries Lafayette orders

You can manage your orders in the Lengow platform.

1. Order retrieval

Lengow retrieves new or modified orders on the channel's website:

  • Every 15 minutes
  • Once a day, for new orders made or amended in the last 5 days 

2. Order processing

Orders go through various statuses in Lengow while being processed.

3. Statuses of Galeries Lafayette orders

Orders go through various statuses in Lengow while being processed. 
Here is the list of Lengow statuses corresponding to Galeries Lafayette order statuses:
  • "new": [ "STAGING" ] 
  • "waiting_acceptance": [ "WAITING_ACCEPTANCE" ] 
  • "waiting_shipment": [ "SHIPPING" ] 
  • "shipped": [ "SHIPPED" ] 
  • "refused": [ "REFUSED" ] 
  • "closed": [ "CLOSED", "RECEIVED" ] 
  • "canceled": [ "CANCELED" ] 
  • "refunded": [ "REFUNDED" ] 
Possible actions: 
  • accept or refuse the order (order must be at waiting_acceptance status).
  • ship the order (order must be at waiting_shipment status).

It is mandatory to choose a "carrier" in the provided list. If your carrier does not appear in the list, enter a free value in "carrier_name".

Ship action requires "tracking_number" to be specified.
If you're using a carrier unregistered by Mirakl, you can enter a "
tracking_url". When the carrier is registered by Mirakl, this information is computed automatically. 
  • refund (order must be at shipped or closed status).
Refund action requires the "refund_reason" to be specified from the valid values accepted by the channel.

Specific to Galeries Lafayette orders

  • Type of pickup point 
Galeries Lafayette specifies the type of pickup point for parcels in a dedicated field. 
In the Lengow API, you'll find this information in the "relay.type" node. This information is also provided if you're using one of our plugins, or in the Lengow solution when exporting the orders list. 
Here are the possible values: 
For Colissimo: A2P (Pickup Station), BPR (Post Office), ACP (ColiPoste agency), CDI, BDP, CMT.
For Chronopost: A, B, P.

Fulfillment orders

If "Fulfillment" feature is made available by the marketplace, information will be automatically retrieved as specified in the "Lengow & Fulfillment" guide, "Orders Import" step.


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