Costs definition

The costs provided in Lengow only impact statistics in Lengow, available for the marketplace channels only. 
This data is not transferred to channels, you have to provide them in the platform.

1. Provide your marketplace costs

How to access it? "Company settings" tab > "Performance" > "Costs" > Choose a channel
How to access it? "Channels" tab > Choose a channel > "Channel settings" > "Costs"

For your marketplace channels, provide:

  • Your monthly subscription
  • Fees per product sold
  • Commission fees

The channel works with categories? If commission fees are different from categories to categories, click on "I want to specify taxes per category" and provide related fees.

Note 1 : you must have matched your categories with the channel's during Categories Matching for you to be able to provide costs per category.

In reports, marketplaces costs are calculated as follow:

(fees per products sold * number of products sold)
(commission fees * revenues per categories)

Note 2 : the monthly cost applies to the number of product sold on the selected period

2. ROI calculation

How to access it? "Company settings" > "Performance" > "ROI"

Once your costs are provided, choose your ROI calculation method. Go to the "ROI" tab to choose the one that best suits your needs among the 7 suggested.

If no method is selected, then the first one (Revenue - Costs / Costs) will be considered.


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