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Rue du Commerce has decided that the reference price has to be the lowest price practiced during the last 15 days before the Sales operation.

  • Are taken into account: flash sales and discount price
Please confirm your participation in the sales to your RueDuCommerce account manager.

For any questions about the sales integration and the catalog, please contact the merchant service ( / +33 1 84 13 04 03).

Before you start setting up your Lengow feed!

When to fill out your sales in Lengow?
The integration of the sales does not immediately raise the sale price, given that the start date set at Rueducommerce will be the official start date of the sales
So you can start setting up your sale offers now!
Sales / flash sales and promotions at the same time?
  • Sales, discount prices and flash sales cannot work at the same time. Therefore, we advise you to remove any discount prices or sales flash from the offer feed/file for the items on sales.

This must be done at least 7 days before the sales opening.
  • The reference price takes into account all the promotional, flash and private sales.

What could invalidate my SALES settings?
Except for the usual errors (mandatory attributes not completed, invalid image…), sales may not be online for the following reasons:
  • The reference price is different from the one registered by Rue du Commerce
  • The date format or dates are invalid
  • An element is missing : Start date or end date of sales
  • The ongoing markdown is modified : price The end-date is outdated 

Lengow settings

The configuration of an OnSales product will require filling in the following 4 attributes in Lengow:
  • "Price": i.e. regular price which will be crossed out
  • "sales-price-1": the discounted price
  • "sales-start-date-1": 2022-06-22T02:00:00.000+02:00
  • "sales-end-date-1": format YYYY-MM-DD
The start-date format for the first day of Sales period is mandatory (YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS.000+02:00). It cannot be modified until the end of the sales. The other dates format must be YYYY-MM-DD  
You can apply markdowns at will. Use the markdown attributes. ex: "sales-price-2"
Just make sure to: 
  • Note that the end-date of the 1st markdown should not be the same as the start date of 2nd markdown (and so on for the next markdown).

Once your sales are over, please delete the values in the "sales" attributes.

YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS.000+01:00 = Winter time
YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS.000+02:00 = Summer time

Law about sales

From 28th May 2022, any price reduction must indicate the previous price applied by the seller before the price reduction is applied.

The previous price is the lowest price applied by the seller to all consumers during the last thirty days
before the price reduction is applied.

You can find more details on this regulation in Article L 121-1-1 of the French Consumer Code.

Lengow intervention

We don't proceed to injection values on demand (via csv file), we had too many side effects at the end of the sale periods (wrong price, sales prices exported when the sales are over…) causing too many errors. This requires you to go through a specific field in your raw field or through optimisations in Lengow (Rules).  


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