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How to access this? "Catalogues" tab > Select a catalogue > "Additional Sources"

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What is it?

Combining and consolidating multiple data sources to create a single product catalog is now possible on Lengow.

Ex: I imported a product catalog in Lengow, and I want to add stock data that is missing. My stock data is in another file and I wish to combine this file with my existing product catalog.

Ex: I add images to my catalogue by uploading a CSV file containing links to my images stored in my own backoffice.

  However, it is NOT recommended to use an additional source to create a field containing your product categories. The category field is sensitive and should be part of your main catalogue.

It is NOT possible to create an additional source with a URL already used as a main catalogue in Lengow.

How does it work?

  1. Open one of your product catalogs already imported in Lengow
  2. Click on the "Additional Sources" tab
  3. Select the import method for your new data source
  4. Click "Start to import this source"to begin loading the new file (this new source may contain 200 fields max, above it, contact us). Expected format is UTF-8.
  5. Choose which field from your new data source contains the product identifier.
  6. Set a frequency of update for this new data source.


Bravo! You have just added a new data source to you Product Catalog!

More info on the source catalogue format in our dedicated guide.

Product Identifier

The new source you just added has to include a field with products identifiers. This identifier is necessary for Lengow to link your products information among your different data sources in order to make one in Lengow.

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These identifiers do not have to be your unique product IDs, but can be any values present in your catalogue, which is useful if you wish to add information in bulk.

Note: The values that identify your products must be identical to those in the Main Catalog. The field can be named differently (ID instead of PRODUCT_ID for example) but Lengow must be able to find the same identifiers in order to correctly associate the new values to the Main Catalog.

Here is an example validated by Lengow and a second refused by Lengow. In the second case, there is no similar value to identify the products. The system cannot integrate color values because it does not know which product to attach them to.

The field chosen as the product identifier cannot be a field modified in Lengow through an optimization.


Lengow does not overwrite the Product Catalog data if the field containing the new values is named identically (color > color). Lengow adds a new "color" column at the end of the product catalog.

If you want to overwrite the original values with those of the new source, we advise you to set up an automatic rule in the channel's tab on which this new source is being used:

If "color" is the same as "my new color field added"

So "color" becomes "my new color field added"

New source frequency update

By default the update frequency of the additional source will be the same as that of the main source. As these two sources are different, it is possible to modify the frequency of one or the other independently if necessary.

Note: If the source is password protected, the password must be entered in order to modify the frequency.

New source import report

Once the new source is added, you can view its status and the latest import report directly from the Main Catalog.

By clicking on " View All Products " you will see that the fields available in the additional source have been added to the Main Catalog:

Click to enlarge the image

Using the same additional source for several catalogues

You can use one additional source on multiple catalogues.

If you add an already existing source, you will be redirected to the settings for that source. You will be able to consult the catalogue(s) already associated.

Modifications made to the parameters of an additional source used by several catalogues will impact all these catalogues: import method, identification of product identifiers, update frequency.

Modifications made on a field of the additional source common to several catalogues will only be effective on the channel where they are made.

A Netrivals additional source can not be used on several catalogues.

Use an Additional Source in a Segment

Values from an additional source could be used alone or in addition with values from the main catalogue in a Segment in Lengow.

Update an Additional Source 

Add new data on the original CSV source, and make sure to keep the original file name.

Then, import this updated CSV in Lengow overwriting the previous version of the same additional source.

Tip: Check out our FAQ article How to update my current additional source if it is in CSV/XML/TXT format?


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