💡 How to add Eulerian tracking to products urls ?

Are you willing to use Eulerian's solution to track your results from campaigns managed in Lengow?

Here's how to add this type of tracker to your product urls, thanks to Lengow:

In the Attributes Matching, fill in the Eulerian tracking code and make sure to dynamically call in it the product url field from your catalogue.

  • Example of value entered in the "product url" field requested by a channel: 

In Lengow:


The elements in red above are specific to you and refer to the different variables of your campaign:

  • site_id: mandatory, refers to the id of your website in Eulerian Analytics.
  • etf-publisher: mandatory, refers to the comparison shopping site campaign support, this support has to exist prior to the production of the tracking system.
  • etf-name : mandatory, refers to the comparison shopping site campaign name, this campaign has to exist prior to the production of the tracking system.
  • etf-prdref: mandatory, refers to the product reference, it has to be unique.
  • eseg-name: optional, refers to the segment name you want to retrieve.
  • eseg-item: optional, refers to the value relative to the name of the segment you want to retrieve.
  • eparam: optional, refers to a customisable parameter identifying the current click, this parameter is an alphanumeric character string limited to 255 characters.
  • eurl: mandatory, refers to your product landing page. In Lengow eurl= has to be followed by the $ character, this on has to be followed by the name of the field including products urls in your catalogues.
  • rf: optional, refers to the encoded URL of the referring site, must validate the regular expression.
Special case: Google channel

Google is a channel that doesn't accept redirections between several websites. In other words, the link you send to Google from Lengow must be a direct link to the product page on your shop.

Read this paragraph for detailed information.


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