Mirakl Authentication System

This article explains how to connect your Lengow account to Mirakl. The procedure is the same for most Mirakl marketplaces available on Lengow. 
It is necessary to authorize Lengow to connect to your Mirakl Store in order to generate a token autonomously and therefore enable the export of your products and the orders import.

The authentication is requested at the end of your Mirakl channel configuration, when you reach the "Settings" section.
Follow these steps to enable the connection to Mirakl: 

1. Connection settings of your Mirakl channel in Lengow

Once you have completed the configuration of your Mirakl channel in Lengow, go to the "Settings" section and click on the "Connect to" button. 

Note: the corresponding store must be present in your Mirakl back-office.

mirakl auth 1.png

You are then automatically redirected to Mirakl.

2. Establish the connection to Mirakl

Complete your Mirakl credentials (e-mail and password) to connect to your Mirakl account.

mirakl auth 2.png

If you have trouble connecting your channel through the Mirakl Connect system, try to reset your password by clicking on "forgot password" on this Mirakl connect page.

3. Marketplace selection

This page is only displayed on your initial connection.
Select the marketplace which you have been configuring in Lengow, choose the store you want to connect in Mirakl, and click on "Confirm". 


4. Consent form

Then, click on "Accept" to authorize Lengow to access your store and perform specific actions:


5. Mirakl store ID

Finally, you will be redirected to the Lengow platform, where you must enter your Mirakl store ID:

mirakl auth 4.png


Tip: Your Mirakl store ID can be found on the main page of your Mirakl back-office, next to your store name:

mirakl auth 5.png


To finalize your Mirakl channel settings in Lengow, click on "Launch" to start sending your data.


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