💡 Cdiscount - Is EAN matching possible on Cdiscount?

Cdiscount allows the EAN Matching at the only condition that the products you want to match already exist in their database.

Depending on the type of products, some fields must be filled in Lengow, to publish your products via Cdiscount EAN Matching. Follow these instructions:

For "standard" products (without size variations), fill in the fields :

    • SKU
    • ProductEan
    • ProductCondition
    • Price
    • EcoPart
    • Vat
    • Stock
    • DeaTax
    • PreparationTime
    • Shipping fees

For "variant" products (with a range of sizes), the approach is different because even if the product is already created in Cdiscount, an insertion stage to its variant repository is necessary. You must still go through a product creation phase.
The 4 indispensable elements are :

    • Sku
    • Size
    • SellerProductColorName
    • SellerProductFamily

In all cases, mandatory "products" fields must always be completed in the structure on Lengow in order to make product feed valid by Lengow and Cdiscount.

For any additional info please get in touch with your Cdiscount contact.


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