Zalando - Attributes - Product attributes overview

On Zalando, Product attributes are organized into three levels:

  • product_model: The highest-level details that apply to all options and variants of the product, such as the model name, target genders, or age group.
  • product_config: Mid-level details such as color and season.
  • product_simple: Attributes that describe one specific product for sell, such as EAN and the size code of each EAN.


There is a relationship of one product_model to one or many product_configs, and each product_config includes one or many product_simples. (see image below)


In the Attributes Matching of Lengow, you will find in the attributes definition references to these levels. These references are here to help you set the correct value.

Example (image below): supplierSKU attribute is to be completed at the Config level or your product. If you have variations, you must complete it.


More info about the Attributes Matching step in Lengow in our dedicated guide.

Zalando's mapping guide lists all mandatory attributes for each category. The complete file is downloadable at the bottom of the page.

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