💡 Fnac / Darty - Error: "Sales Period not found or promotion's dates do not match"

  1. Verify Sales Period Reference: Check if the sales_period_reference attribute is properly filled in during the promotion. Make sure it matches the expected values: WINTER_20XX for winter sales or SUMMER_20XX for summer sales, where XX represents the current year.

  2. Check Promotion Dates: Ensure that the promotion dates (starts_at and ends_at attributes) are correctly set within the specified sales period. For example, if the sales period is SUMMER_2023, confirm that the dates fall between Wednesday, June 28th and Tuesday, July 25th, 2023.

  3. Update Promotion Dates: If the promotion dates do not match the official dates, modify them to align with the correct sales period. Adjust the starts_at and ends_at attributes accordingly.

  4. Validate Data Entry: Double-check the entered information to rule out any typos or mistakes in the sales_period_reference or promotion dates. Correct any errors found.


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