Magento 2 - Manage your orders

Orders on Lengow

How to access? "Lengow" Tab > "Orders"

For each of your orders from Lengow, you will find a new Lengow block with all the order information and the following actions:

  • Re-import the order: recreate a new order and pass the current order through a Lengow technical error, but it's not worth further reducing stock.
  • Resend the action: This allows you to resend the action to change the status of the order to Lengow. (Ideal for correcting an order import error, for example if you have just entered the parcel tracking info which had been forgotten).
  • Re-synchronise the order: This allows you to remake the matching between Magento's order ID and the order ID in Lengow.
  • Orders are only imported once they have reached the status "awaiting shipment" and "shipped".
  • As importing an order into the plugin results in a decrease in stock for the product ordered, no import is carried out for orders in "cancelled" and " refunded" status.
  • Once an order has been imported into the plugin, it will no longer be synchronised with the plugin.

Orders on Magento

In the plugin, you will find marketplace orders. 

  • if the order has been correctly imported in Magento
  • your orders status (in progress and closed)

If an order is not correctly imported in Magento, it will appear as "Not imported". Mouse over this message to know what is preventing the import. Correct the bug and click on "Not imported" to re-import the order.

If the order has its status changed to refunded or if the order data has been updated in Lengow, update it on the Magento order page that has been imported. Go to the Lengow section of the page and press re-import order. 

re import.png

  • Order actions, in error over 7 days, can be returned automatically 
    How to access? "Lengow" Tab > "Settings" > “advanced import settings” > "Enable Magento cron for resend”.

This option allows to resend order action in error automatically. There is no need to manually click on the dashboard of orders to resend the action.  It enables the scheduled task to resend actions every 15 minutes. By default this option is disable.

cron resent action.png


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