📣 Mirakl - News - 12th February 2024 - Refund possible at Lengow "closed" status

From 12th February 2024, Lengow will enable "refund" actions to be done at the Lengow "closed" status for the orders of all Mirakl marketplaces.


On Lengow's end, the "closed" order status corresponds to Mirakl's statuses "CLOSED" and "RECEIVED".

The Mirakl order workflow allows doing a "refund" action for orders at the "RECEIVED" Mirakl status.
Lengow is adapting to this option by allowing refunds to be done at the Lengow "closed" status.

Note: If the Mirakl order status is "CLOSED" instead of "RECEIVED", the refund will not be processed.

This possibility has been deployed for La Redoute on 5th February and is now extended to all Mirakl marketplaces.

What you have to do

If you retrieve orders via API or through an e-commerce platform, adapt your settings to this modification.

If you are managing your orders in Lengow, the option to refund will simply be available in the order's detail

GL Mirakl refund closed.png


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