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To set up special offers and sales, fill in the following fields including for parent products if you have any.

  • product_price: strike-through price of your product (original price before discount). If your product is not discounted, this field must be filled in with your usual selling price.
  • start_date: date and time on which the offer begins (Paris time). ISO format required (YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS). Lengow automatically transforms the value into the "time stamp" format expected by Spartoo.
  • stop_date: date and time on which your special offer ends. Format is identical to the "start_date".

If you do not specify a start and end date in the optimized feed sent to Spartoo, but you do send a discounted price or a percentage off, the promotion or sale starts immediately.

  • sales: sales indicator to distinguish special offers from sales.
    • select "FALSE" for a special offer. 
    • select "TRUE" for the legal sales.
  • price_discount: final price after discount. Not mandatory if the "rate" field is populated (Spartoo automatically calculates the discounted price)..


  • rate: discount rate. Spartoo expects a positive integer without the % symbol (e.g. 20). Not mandatory if the "price_discount" field is populated.

Black Friday

Follow the promotion settings (see above), and make sure to offer a minimum of 30% discount.


Settings are similar to promotions (see above), except for the "sales" attribute which has to be populated with "TRUE".

Sales begin at 8:00 am on the first day, but Spartoo recommends setting a start_date at 5:00 am minimum.

Spartoo wishes to receive your Sales offers before the Sales period starts.
For the French Winter Sales 2024, make sure to send your offers before 23rd December 2023 and inform your Spartoo account manager.
If you are an international seller, you must send your Sales offers earlier. Please refer to your Spartoo account manager.

Find the "Sales on Spartoo" documentation online in your seller account.


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