Spartoo - Multi-country settings

Master feed

In Lengow, creating one Spartoo channel per country is necessary.

However, Spartoo requests a single feed when you sell on multiple countries. To meet this need, Lengow combines your different Spartoo feeds into a single one when sending your product data.

As a result, the first Spartoo feed you create and activate in Lengow is considered as the "Master feed". This feed will be the one serving as the basis to integrate products on Spartoo. 

 It is important that this country feed correspond to the reference country on your contract with Spartoo. If you don't know which one is your reference country, please contact your Spartoo account manager.
If the first activated feed doesn't match with the reference master country feed, please contact us to do the change.

When setting up your Spartoo feeds in Lengow:

  • For the "master feed", the complete set up is required;
  • For the other country feeds, only a partial set up is necessary.
    Categories Matching on "country feeds" isn't necessary, since only the categories from the "master feed" will be sent to Spartoo. 

Do not deactivate your Master feed while another child feed (Italy, Spain...) is active, otherwise the Master feed becomes the child feed.

Multi-country attributes

For the "Master feed", you must complete all the settings for this feed.

For the other country feeds, only the following attributes are requested:

  • reference_partenaire (mandatory) : enter your product ID. Spartoo may refer to this field as "size_reference".
  • product_name (mandatory)
  • product_description (mandatory)
  • product_price (mandatory)
  • product_color
  • start_date
  • stop_date
  • sales
  • price_discount
  • rate

The other fields will be ignored, as the "Master feed" data will be sent to Spartoo.


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