💡 How to publish a products selection only?

You're starting to set up a new channel?

Publish your most popular products only at first.

This way, you'll quickly register sales and gather rapidly a great satisfaction rate on this marketplace. 

You will then expand the number of products distributed.

How to do it?

Create a Segment

Create a Segment on the the Catalogue you want to link the channel with.

In this Segment target flagship products. They could be:

  • your top products (labelled from 1 to 5 in your catalogue)
  • a specific category
  • a brand
  • a product type
  • products with a lot of stock
  • some products you'll select with their id, title, ...

Link this sub catalogue to the channel of your choice

When adding a channel in your account, select  in the dropdown menu from the channel of your choice the Segment you want to launch at first.

This dropdown menu is only displayed for catalogue for which you have created a Segment. 


Keep in mind that you can use this same Segment for each new channel you want to set up.

Set up the channel

Follow usual set up steps.

Increase products online

Once your products'll be online and would have gathered the expected sales volume, you'll then be able to change or delete the Segment to display all or part of your catalogue.
Keep in mind, that you'll have to adjust your settings, so that values from products that weren't included in the Segment, will match your expectations and channel's expectations.

At the channel level, for the channel you choose, at the "Catalogues" step, use dropdown menu to change the Segment or to switch from a Segment to all of your products.



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