💡 Why do I see the error "Fields missing" associated to my source data?

If you remove fields from your source data, when the next automatic catalog update takes place, the newer version of your catalog will have fewer fields than your latest version. Therefore, Lengow will display the following error:

This error has security purposes and will block your catalog update in order to avoid mapping issues on the channels associated with the catalog.

Troubleshooting will depend on what you wish to do:

1. I want to remove a field from my catalog

To remove a field from your catalog without having errors:

  • Empty all the attributes using this field on all your channels
  • Remove the fields from the catalog

2. I want to replace a field from my catalog for another one

To replace a field for another one without having errors:

  • Add the new field to the catalog
  • Replace the attributes' mapping with the new field on all your channels
  • Remove the old field from the catalog

To know which fields are being used on the attributes' configuration, click on "See fields details":


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