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To set up special offers, fill in the following fields:

  • manufacturer_recommended_price: strike-through price of your product (original price). You shouldn't modify it even during promotions.
  • retail_price_justification: statement justifying the origin of the strike-through price displayed (free text).
  • selling_price: discounted price of your product (final price). If your product is not discounted, the "selling_price" must be equal to the "manufacturer_recommended_price".
The "selling_price" attribute is used for sales AND promotions. When setting the discount price in Lengow, we suggest using a rule with an activation date to avoid overwriting the standard price of your product.


Your Sales offers must be sent to Veepee/Privalia 48 hrs before the operation starts and until the first day at 8:00.
Please confirm your participation in the sales to your Veepee/Privalia account manager.

In Lengow, the configuration of a product on sale will require filling in the following attributes:

  • selling_price: sale price of the product (final price), inclusive of tax. The sale price must be lower than the manufacturer_recommended_price for the strike-through price to be displayed.
  • manufacturer_recommended_price: strike-through price (original price). This is the last price at which the product was sold on Veepee/Privalia before the sales (inclusive of tax). You shouldn't modify it during the sales.
  • sales_justification: free text, a notice which appears on the product sheet of each sale product (to send on both child and parent products). This field is not currently mandatory.
    Example: "Prix soldé à partir du XX/XX/2024 Xh, jusqu'au XX/XX/2024"

You can set up an automatic rule to complete these fields at a specific date (read our guide here).

Law about sales

From 28th May 2022, any price reduction must indicate the previous price applied by the seller before the price reduction is applied.
The previous price is the lowest price applied by the seller to all consumers during the last thirty days
before the price reduction is applied.
You can find more details on this regulation in Article L 121-1-1 of the French Consumer Code.


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