💡 How to choose the impact of my Support request?

In order to prioritize urgent matters, you will be asked to evaluate the impact of your request.
Please consider that the impact will be revised by Lengow if found not accurate.


Limited - I have a question on how to use the platform, a setup advice, or I want to request an evolution.
Ex : Do you offer this feature on the Marketplace? How to make an exclusion rule? How to push a price with a 30% discount?

Moderate - My business is affected on a limited scope of products or orders / is not currently affected by this request but will become serious if I don't find a solution. I need help on an error message.
Ex : I have an error message on some of my products that I can't solve and I can't publish them

Major - My business is partially affected by a software anomaly, with a potential loss of revenue, but the application can be used partially or overall with a workaround.
Ex : I can't update my stock ; I have not received some orders into my back office…

Critical - My entire business is affected by a critical software anomaly, including immediate and global loss of revenue, with no workaround available.
Ex : I am not receiving any orders / APIs are no longer responding


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Our Support hours:
9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. CET Monday through Friday