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Register as a seller to publish and sell your products on

To distribute your products on, check that your products catalogue contains the data normally required by Lengow. Requirements

To open an account on a Dutch or Belgian Company or Registration number is mandatory.

If you are interested in selling on as an “International Seller” from outside the Netherlands or Belgium, please contact and ask for an International Business Developer to speak with. Please note that there will be a few minimum requirements to sell on as an International seller.

All the data in your catalog must be sent in Dutch (titles, description, etc.) to create new products on this marketplace.

Contact's Partner service may be contacted at

Technical information is available on the Partnerplatform

Add the channel in Lengow

Add a channel catalogue in your Lengow account.

We recommend defining a Segment within your product catalogue to only configure and send the products you want to publish on this channel.

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Always follow the same steps to set up a channel in Lengow, as detailed in this article.

The information in the following articles focus on the settings specific to

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