📣 Bol.com - News - 6th April 2023 - Migration to V8 of bol.com's API

To sum up

Bol.com has released the V8 version of its Retailer API. Lengow will migrate to this new version on April 6th, 2023. 

As a result of this API upgrade, Bol has modified the "Additionele afbeeldingen - Still Image URL" attribute (read below), and removed two other attributes. 

  • What you have to do in Lengow

At the Attributes Matching step of your Bol feed, you will find the "Additionele afbeeldingen - Still Image URL" attribute among the attributes per category. 
This attribute will be removed and replaced by Bol with new attributes: "Asset OTHER - Url". As of April 6th, use the "Asset OTHER - Url" attributes to send additional image URLs to Bol, by entering each URL in a separate attribute. If you do not fill these attributes, your products will still be pushed but without additional images.

Additionally, these attributes will be removed by Bol: "Energy Label 2021 URL" and "Preview".


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