WooCommerce - Set up the plugin

When you use the plugin for the first time, you will need to configure some settings.


In this area, you will find:

Main settings

  • Notifications & alerts: receive alerts whenever there are order import issues.
  • Activate the authorisation by IP / Authorised IPs: Choose whether you want the export from the product catalogue to be protected by an IP address (instead of an authorisation by token). Where appropriate, specify the IPs which will have access to the export from the product catalogue.
  • Product types to export (Simple Product, Variable Product, External Product and/or Grouped Product).
  • Shop management: These options allow you to activate the stores you want to link to Lengow for order synchronization. This data is automatically completed and activated when connecting with Lengow. You can however add catalogue ids in the fields corresponding to the need

  • Debug Mode: use Debug Mode for test orders. Reminder: this setting must be ONLY and NECESSARILY enabled on your pre-production server.
  • Log Files: your logs history (imported orders, error messages, ...) over the past 20 days.




Export Settings

Choose the type of products you want to export: they will be automatically added to your export. 

Then go to the products page if you want to narrow down your selection.



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