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Orders management

In this section, you'll find two tabs:

  • "Overview": Here you can view orders from your Lengow account.
  • "Order parameters": All import parameters from Lengow orders.
  • Orders are only imported only once their status has become "Waiting for shipment".
  • As the import of order in the Lengow plugin causes a decrement of the stock on the product ordered, no import is made at the status "canceled" and "refunded".
  • Once the order is imported, it will no longer be synchronized with the plugin.



For each of your orders from Lengow, you will find a new Lengow block with all the order information and the following actions:

  • Re-import the order: recreate a new order and pass the current order through a Lengow technical error, but it's not worth further reducing stock.
  • Resend the action: This allows you to resend the action to change the status of the order to Lengow. (Ideal for correcting an order import error, for example if you have just entered the tracking coli which had been forgotten).
  • Re-synchronise the order: This allows you to remake the matching between WooCommerce's order ID and the order ID in Lengow.

In the plugin, you will find marketplace orders. You can see:

  • if the order has been correctly imported in WooCommerce
  • your orders current status (in progress and closed)

If an order is not correctly imported in WooCommerce, it will appear as "Not imported". Mouse over this message to know what is preventing import. Correct the bug and click on "Not imported" to re-import the order.

If you change an order status into "Shipped" in WooCommerce, while an error prevents the marketplace from switching the status into "Shipped" (e.g. because tracking number is missing), a "Not shipped" message will appear. Correct the bug and click on "Not shipped" to re-import the order.

If you encounter troubles whilst solving problems, contact our Support Team.

If you add a new marketplace into Lengow, consider making the new matching between your WooCommerce's carriers and the carriers of this marketplace.


Orders > Settings

In the "Order parameters" section, you'll find the following different parameters:
  • Default carrier: Select the default carrier for orders coming from marketplaces.
  • Order status: the Lengow module allows you to match the order statuses from the marketplaces with the statuses made available by WooCommerce via a status matching.
  • Orders import: choose here:
    • the maximum period (in days) over which the plugin synchronise orders.
      In the case of cron synchronisation, the time interval is automatically managed by the plugin and is based on the date of the last successful synchronisation.
      For example, if the last synchronisation was an hour ago, the plugin will only recover the last hours.
      On the other hand, if the last synchronisation is 3 days old, the plugin will synchronise over the last 3 days without ever exceeding the maximum number of days you have entered (It is recommended to leave this parameter with 3 days).
    • if you want to import orders dispatched by the marketplaces, and where appropriate, if you want to reduce the stock of products in your WooCommerce for orders dispatched by the marketplaces.
    • if you want to import B2B orders without taxes: This option allows you to remove taxes from B2B orders. By default, this option is disabled.
  • Activate the currency conversion of your orders
    All orders imported in WooCommerce will be automatically converted in the currency chosen in Lengow.



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