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In this area, select products you want to export to Lengow.

For each of your WooCommerce shops, choose whether you export all products or a selection of products.

Click on the "Download" icon to download your products catalogue containing your selection of products.

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You will find here your WooCommerce active products. If you delete or add a product, this will affect the number of exported products.
If you choose to select products to be exported, the new products to be added into your WooCommerce will not be added to the export automatically.

Product Variations

To retrieve variation products from WooCommerce, use the platform's native function and follow the next steps:

  • In the WooCommerce "product" tab, select the concerned product.
  • Then, in the "product data" tab, select "variable products".


  • Edit the "attributes" tab to add, for example, the attribute "size" or "color". On each of these attributes, check the box "used for variations".


  • Add the variation elements in the "variation" tab for each ID concerned.


For further details, check the WooCommerce official documentation

Lengow tip for color and size variations:

Create a color parent product and then child by size.
Ex: product 1 - blue (parent).
Product 1 - Blue - S (child).
Product 1 - Blue - M (child).
Product 1 - Blue - L (child).
Product 1 - Blue - XL (child).

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